Stalking Behavior Checklist

Stalking Behavior Checklist
Coleman‚ 1997
Copyright 1997
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_____ 1. Broke into your home.
_____ 2. Violated a restraining order.
_____ 3. Attempted to break into your car.
_____ 4. Threatened to cause you harm.
_____ 5. Broke into your car.
_____ 6. Attempted to harm you.
_____ 7. Physically harmed you.
_____ 8. Attempted to break into your home.
_____ 9. Physically harmed himself.
____ 10. Stole/read your mail.
____ 11. Damaged the property of your new partner.
____ 12. Threatened to harm himself.
____ 13. Made calls to you at your home when you didn’t want him to.
____ 14. Came to your home when you didn’t want him to.
____ 15. Followed you.
____ 16. Made hang-up telephone calls.
____ 17. Sent you unwanted gifts.
____ 18. Made calls to you at work when you didn’t want him to.
____ 19. Watched you.
____ 20. Came to your workplace/school when you didn’t want him to.
____ 21. Left messages on your answering machine‚ voice mail‚ or e-mail.
____ 22. Sent photographs when you didn’t want him to.
____ 23. Made threats to your new partner.
____ 24. Sent letters to you when you didn’t want him to.
____ 25. Harmed your new partner.
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  • stalking Victimization
  • Pursuit
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This instrument can be found on pages 97-98 of Measuring Intimate Partner Violence Victimization and Perpetration: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
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نمره گذاری:
Point values are assigned as follows:
2=once a month or less
3=two to three times a month
4=once or twice a week
5=three to six times a week
6=once a day or more
Two subscales can be cr‎eated from the items. The first subscale‚ referred to as the Violent Behavior subscale‚ includes items 1–12. The second subscale‚ referred to as the Harassing Behavior subscale‚ includes items 13–25.Subscale scores are obtained by calculating the mean of the items used to define each factor (summing across itemvalues and dividing by applicable number of items in subscale). Higher scores are indicative of greater levels ofviolent and harassing behaviors.
Coleman FL. Stalking behavior and the cycle of domestic violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence 1997;12:420–428.
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