Argentinean Scale on Perceptions of Relationships

Argentinean Scale on Perceptions of Relationships with Parents for Children 8–12 Years of Age
Richaud de Minzi‚ M.C. 2005
مقیاس ادراک از روابط با والدین
1 My father/mother likes to talk with me and be with me most of the time.
2 My father/mother makes sure I get home on time.
3 My father/mother tells me that he/she loves me a great deal.
4 My father/mother wants to know at all times where I am and what I am doing.
5 My father/mother decides which friends I can have.
6 My father/mother does not much care if I misbehave.
7 My father/mother allows me to go out whenever I want.
8 My father/mother makes me feel that I am the most important person in their life.
9 My father/mother gets into my things.
10 My father/mother believes that punishing me is going to correct my poor behavior.
11 My father/mother always listens to what I say and think.
12 My father/mother always wants to know what I do at school and in my free time.
13 My father/mother always talks about the things they do for me and blames me because they have to do so much.
14 My father/mother wants to control everything that I do.
15 My father/mother cares when I do something that I shouldn’t do.
16 My father/mother allows me to do whatever I want.
17 My father/mother protects me when I am afraid.
18 My father/mother insists that I have to do everything he/she tells me.
19 My father/mother punishes me when I haven’t done anything wrong.
20 My father/mother often has long talks with me to explain the reasons for things.
21 My father says that if I really love him‚ I should behave well so as not to make his life miserable.
21 My mother says that if I really love her‚ I should behave well so as not to make her life miserable.
22 My father/mother insists that I do my chores.
23 If I insist‚ my father/mother gives in and says I can stay out later on weeknights.
24 My father/mother says that misbeha‎ving is very serious and that I might have problems when I grow up.
25 My father/mother‚ if I do something he/she is upset about‚ stops speaking to me until I apologize.
26 My father/mother shows that he/she is proud of what I do.
27 My father/mother wants me to stay home so that they know what I am doing.
28 My father/mother makes me do what he/she tells me to do.
29 My father/mother is interested in what I do.
30 My father/mother‚ when I make a mistake‚ refuses to have anything to do with me until I find a way to reconcile with him/her.
31 My father/mother allows me to go out to play whenever I want.
32 My father/mother worries when I misbehave because I will suffer the consequences when I grow up.
شرح:  پرسشنامه کوتاه خود- راهبری توسط "ریچاردد مینز" برپایه مدل "شیفر" ساخته شده است. توسط سه خرده مقیاس پذیرش؛ مهار آسیب شناختی و خود مختاری افراطی است. آزمودنی این مقیاس را برای هر دو والد کامل می کند.
Reliability‚ measured by Cronbach’s alpha coefficient‚ in the sample of adolescents in Buenos Aires‚ Argentina‚ ranged from 0.60 to 0.92(Richaud de Minzi‚ 2005).
Acceptance: Mother 0.92‚ Father 0.89
Strict Control: Mother 0.81‚ Father 0.75
Accepted Control: Mother 0.75‚ Father 0.75
Pathological Control Mother: 0.72‚ Father 0.81
Extreme Autonomy Mother: 0.60‚ Father 0.60
کلید واژه
  • Acceptance
  • Autonomy
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found on pages 35-39 of Latino Families and Youth: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
رده سنی:  8 تا 12 سال
نمره گذاری:
1 = No
2 = Sometimes
3 = Yes
Acceptance: 8 items for mother and father: 1‚ 3‚ 8‚ 11‚ 17‚ 20‚ 26‚ 29
Accepted control: 6 items for father and 7 items for mother: 1‚ 4‚ 12‚ 18‚ 21 (only mother)‚ 24‚ 32
Strict control: 3 items for father and mother: 15‚ 22‚ 28
Pathological Control: 9 items for mother and 10 items for father: 5‚ 9‚ 10‚ 13‚ 14‚ 19‚ 21 (only father)‚ 25‚ 27‚ 30
Extreme Autonomy: 5 items for mother and father: 6‚ 7‚ 16‚ 23‚ 31
The score for each factor can be calculated with a minimum of 75% of the items.
Richaud de Minzi‚ M.C. (2007). Evaluación del afrontamiento en niños de 8 a 12 años[Assessment of coping in children age 8 to 12years]. Revista Mejicana de Psicología‚ 23(2)‚ 196-201.
Schaefer‚ E. S. (1965). Children’s reports of parental behavior: An inventory. Child Development‚ 36(2)‚ 413-424.
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