My Life in School Checklist

“My Life in School” Checklist
Arora & Thompson‚ 1987
فهرست زندگی من در مدرسه
I) SCHOOL LIFE (Enter Year)
I am: a girl  a boy 
Age_________ Year_________ This week another child:
1. Called me names
2. Said something nice to me
3. Was nasty about my family
4. Kicked me/hit me
5. Was very nice to me
6. Was unkind to me
7. Shared something with me
8. Said they’d beat me up
9. Asked me for lunch/sweets
10. Tried to make me give them money
11. Frightened me
12. Played with me
13. Stopped me playing a game
14. Laughed at me
15. Got a gang on me
16. Made me fight
17. Smiled at me
18. Tried to get me into trouble
19. Helped me
20. Walked with me to school
21. Told me a joke
22. Played a nice game with me
23. Visited me at home
25. Hurt me/tried to hurt me
26. Chatted to me
27. Took something off me
28. Was rude about the way I looked
29. Shouted at me
30. Tripped me up
31. Said they would tell on me
32. Spoiled my work
33. Hid something of mine
34. Told a lie about me
35. Helped me with my work
36. Laughed at me horribly
37 Made me laugh
38. Tried to break something of mine
39. Gave me something nice
40. Tried to hit me
41. Said they liked me
Think of the unfriendly incident that upset you most.
1. Was the person that did this:
 Your age  Older  Younger
2. Where did it happen?
 Class Room  Toilets  Corridor  Play Ground  Outside School  Elsewhere
3. Did you tell a member of staff?  Yes  No
4. Did you tell your parents?   Yes  No
5. If you did tell someone‚ did it help?
 Yes  No
6. Should the school do more to stop this sort of thing?
 Yes  No
Tick the face that shows how you feel. I feel:
On my way to school: .Happy .Sad
When I’m waiting in the playground: .Happy .Sad
When I’m in the classroom: .Happy .Sad
Is there anywhere in school you feel unhappy? …
Playtime in the playground: .Happy .Sad
Wet playtimes: .Happy .Sad
Dinner time in the playground: .Happy .Sad
Wet dinner time: .Happy .Sad
Do you tell the teacher if you are unhappy?
How can we make you feel safer?
اعتبار : اعتبار دو نیمه کردن 0.80 و 0.93
این مقیاس اعمال زورگویی و قربانی کردن در رخدادهای مدرسه را می سنجد .
کلید واژه
This tool touches on the following keywords:
·         Bullying
·         Peer Relationships
نشانی دسترسی
This instrument can be found on pages 19-21 of Measuring Bullying Victimization‚ Perpetration‚ and Bystander Experiences:A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at:
رده سنی : گروه سنی 8 - 17 سال
اجرا و نمره گذاری
مقیاس زیر نیز برای این ابزار به کار گرفته شده است.
Point values are assigned as follows:
More than
Bully Victimization Index: Items 4‚ 8‚ 10‚ 24‚ 37‚ and 39
Arora‚ C. M. J.‚ & Thompson‚ D. A. (1987). My Life in School Checklist. Cited in Sharp‚ S. (1999). Bullying behaviour in schools. Windsor‚ Berkshire: NFER-NELSON. up‎dated by Woverhampton LEA (1992).
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