Men`s Attitudes Condoning Marital Aggression

Attitudes About Marriage
Margolin‚ G.‚ & Foo‚ L. (1992)
Men’s Attitudes Condoning Marital Aggression
Holly Garcia O’Hearn‚ and Gayla Margolin. 2000
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A husband slaps or hits his wife if . . .
Rating (0) Unjustifiable‚ (1–4) Somewhat Justifiablen‚ (5–6) Justifiable
1.    She comes at him with a knife
2.    She physically abuses their child
3.    In an argument‚ she hits him first
4.    He catches her in bed with another man
5.    He learns that she is ha‎ving an affair
6.    She terrorizes and abuses his pet
7.    She uncontrollably smashes his personal belongings
8.    She screams hysterically
9.    At a party she flirts with another man in front of him and his friends
10.She threatens verbally to get her gun
11.She is drunk‚ belligerent‚ and acting crazy
12.She calls him ‘‘stupid’’ over and over again
13.She calls his mother nasty names all the time
14.He is drunk and out of control
15.She accuses him of being an incompetent and insensitive human being
16.She makes him look like a fool in front of his family and friends
17.He overhears her talking on the phone with her ex-boyfriend
18.She refuses to let him enroll in college courses
19.He is upset about losing his job
20.She insults his best friend
21.She refuses to have sex with him
22.She refuses to let him go out for an evening with his friends
23.He is angry because he got a speeding ticket
24.She tells him she should have divorced him a long time ago
25.She threatens to move out in the middle of an argument
This study examines whether the often-cited association between experiencing physical abuse in one's family of origin and beha‎ving aggressively toward one's intimate female partner is moderated by attitudes condoning husband to wife aggression. Forty-seven men rated the justifiability of male-to-female aggression for 25 specific conditions. Attitudes condoning aggression were not correlated with either history of abuse or current abuse but the interaction between attitudes and history of exposure accounted for significant variance in physical and emotional aggression inflicted on adult female partners. For men who condone physical aggression‚ there was a strong correlation between abuse in the family of origin and actual physical and emotional aggression toward female partners‚ whereas for men who do not condone aggression‚ there were no significant correlations. These data illustrate how the significance of one risk factor‚ such as history of abuse‚ changes as a function of another variable—namely‚ attitudes condoning male-to-female aggression
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شرح :این مقیاس عواملی چون سابقه مصرف مواد، نوشیدن الکل، پرخاشگری کلامی را به عنوان تابعی از متغیر نگرش چشم پوشی از پرخاشگری مردان نسبت به زنان را مورد نظر دارد.
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·         Attitudes toward violence
·         Husband-to-wife aggression
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This instrument can be found on page 165 of Men’s Attitudes Condoning Marital Aggression: A Moderator between Family of Origin Abuse and Aggression against Female Partners. Cognitive Therapy and Research‚ Vol. 24‚ No. 2‚ 2000‚ pp. 159-174. Available online at:
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Margolin‚ G.‚ & Foo‚ L. (1992). Attitudes About Marriage Index. Unpublished instrument. University of Southern California.
O’Hearn. Holly Garcia‚ and Margolin. Gayla (2000). Men’s Attitudes Condoning Marital Aggression: A Moderator between Family of Origin Abuse and Aggression against Female Partners. Cognitive Therapy and Research‚ Vol. 24‚ No. 2‚ pp. 159-174
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