Devotion to divine scale

Devotion to divine scale
Hansen. Ian G. and Norenzayan. Ara
Fiorito‚ B. & Ryan‚ K. 1998
مقیاس دلبستگی  به خدا
1. An important part of my religious practice is to feel the presence of the Divine in everything I do.
2. I have no interest in feeling a sense of awe about ‘the truth and greatness of the Divine’.*
3. An important aspect of my prayer experience is to feel a deep sense of connectedness with the Divine.
4. Fundamental to my religious experience is an absolute trust in the Divine.
5. It is not important for me to feel an intimate personal relationship with the Divine.*
6. For me‚ an important part of religious practice is experiencing the power and majesty of the Divine.
7. I never try to achieve the feeling of oneness with the Divine.*
8. I do not have much faith in ‘Divine will’.*
9. Part of my being religious involves a constant search for deeper truths behind the words of my sacred texts.
10. I try to avoid centering my thoughts and will around Divine principles.*
11. An essential aspect of my religious practice is to try to understand Divine law.
12. I almost never think about the Divine during the day.*
13. It is not very important for me to search for knowledge about what the Divine would have me do.*
14. I rarely or never think about ways to improve myself to be more attuned to Divine law.*
15. I ask religious questions in order to better understand my relationship to the Divine.
16. My search for Divine guidance is an important religious activity.
* Reversed item
شرح :  جنبه های معنوی و روحانی باورهای مذهبی را می سنجد. به نظر می رسد این مقیاس اقتباس شده از مقیاس "فیوریتو" و "رایان" است. توصیه می شود پیش از به کارگیری ، از نام و نشان مولف و یا گسترش دهنده آن اطمبنان خاطر پیدا کنید.
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This instrument can be found on page 57 of When How You Believe Matters More than What You Believe: Religiosity and Religious. Available online at:
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Hansen. Ian G. and Norenzayan. Ara. When How You Believe Matters More than What You Believe: Religiosity and Religious Intolerance among Christians and Buddhists. Religion and Religious Tolerance. University of British Columbia
Fiorito‚ B. & Ryan‚ K. (1998‚ August). Development and preliminary reliability of a newmeasure of religiosity: Religiousness and spirituality questionnaires. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the American PsychologicalAssociation‚ San Francisco‚ CA.
خرداد 1396
اسفند 1395
آبان 1395
فروردین 1394
خرداد 1393
فروردین 1393
اسفند 1392
بهمن 1392
دی 1390
آذر 1390
تیر 1390
خرداد 1390
اردیبهشت 1390
بهمن 1389
دی 1389
اردیبهشت 1389
دی 1388
آبان 1388
شهریور 1388
مرداد 1388
تیر 1388
خرداد 1388
اگر آوازت زیبا و دلنشین باشد ، حتی اگر در بیابان باشی ، کسی را خواهی یافت که به آوازت گوش فرا دهد . (؟)
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