Empathy and perspective-taking

Empathy and perspective-taking
My Interpersonal Dispositions 
Modification of Davis’ 1983 instrument
Rusbult et al.
همدردی و دریافت (درک) دیدگاه دیگران
1. When I see someone being taken advantage of‚ I feel kind of protective toward him/her. 
2. When my partner and I are ha‎ving a fight and I’m sure I’m right‚ I don’t waste a lot of time discussing my partner’s ideas about the situation. 
3. I don’t feel all that upset when my partner fails at something he/she cares about. 
4. I sometimes try to understand my friends better by imagining how things look from their perspective. 
5. I don’t become all that upset about negative events in my partner’s life. 
6. I try to look at my partner’s side of a disagreement before I make a decision. 
7. I often have tender‚ concerned feelings for people less fortunate than me. 
8. When I’m upset at someone‚ I usually try to “put myself in his shoes” for a while. 
9. Sometimes I don’t feel very sorry for other people when they are ha‎ving problems. 
10. When I’m upset or irritated by my partner‚ I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in my partner’s shoes. 
11. When my partner has problems in his/her life‚ I feel really terrible. 
12. I sometimes find it difficult to see things from the “other guy’s” point of view. 
13. Other people’s misfortunes do not usually disturb me a great deal. 
14. When my partner has hurt me‚ before I get angry I try to imagine how I would be feeling and thinking if I were in his/her place. 
15. I feel terribly sorry when things aren’t going well for my partner. 
16. Before criticizing somebody‚ I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in his/her place.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار برگرفته از "EMPATHY-Interpersonal Reactivity Index " از "دیویس، 1980" است که به فارسی "پرسشنامه همدلی" برگردان شده است. "رزبولت و همکاران" آن را خلاصه کرده اند.
نمره گذاری
Do Not Agree At All= 0‚ 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ Agree Somewhat= 4‚ 5‚6‚ 7‚ 8= Agree Completely
Generalized Empathy: items 1‚ 7‚ 9 (R)‚ and 13 (R)
Generalized Perspective-Taking: items 4‚ 8‚ 12(R)‚ and 16
Partner-Specific Empathy: 3 (R)‚ 5(R)‚ 11‚ and 15
Partner-Specific Perspective-Taking: items 2(R)‚ 6‚ 10‚ and 14
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منبع و ماخذ
Davis‚ Mark H. (1980). A Multidimensional Approach to Individual Differences in Empathy. JSAS Catalog of se‎lected Documents in Psychology‚ 10‚ 85.
Davis‚ M. H. (1983). Measuring individual differences in empathy: Evidence for a multidimensional approach. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology‚ 44(1)‚ 113–126.
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