Gottman Sound Relationship House Questionnaires- Emotional Disengagement

Gottman Sound Relationship House Questionnaires- Emotional Disengagement
Emotional Disengagement and Loneliness
John M. Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman‚ 1999‚ 200-2004
آوای رابطه در خانه- جدایی و تنهایی عاطفی
1.    I often find myself disappointed in this relationship.
2.    I have learned to expect less from partner.
3.    I will‚ at times‚ find myself quite lonely in this relationship.
4.    It is hard for my deepest feelings to get much attention in this relationship.
5.    I often try to avoid saying things I will later regret.
6.    I feel like I have to be so careful‚ it is like walking on eggshells.
7.    Suddenly‚ once again‚ I find I have said the wrong thing.
8.    There is not much intimacy in this relationship right now.
9.    Our relationship problems are not really solvable.
10.Sometimes our relationship feels empty to me.
11.This relationship is not quite what I expected‚ and I feel let down by it.
12.We are pretty separate and unconnected emotionally.
13.We don’t really talk very deeply to each other.
14.There is not enough closeness between us.
15.I sometimes think I expect too much and should settle for less in my relationship.
16.I am coping with a lot of relationship stress‚ and I’m concerned it will not turn out okay.
17.I have adapted to a lot in this relationship‚ and I am not so sure it was a good idea.
18.There’s certainly not much romance in this relationship.
19.I can’t really say that we are very good friends right now.
20.I am lonely in this relationship.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: "جان گاتمن" فردی صاحب نام در زمینه مطالعات علمی در زمینه ازدواج برای چهار دهه است. او مدلی "1994" و ابزارهایی برای پیش بینی و پایایی زندگی مشترک بر پایه کارهای بالینی ارائه کرد. این ابزار برای اندازه گیری سرخوردگی عاطفی پدید آمده است.
فرم 5 ماده ای با خرده مقیاس های زیر در همین پایگاه وجود دارد.
Friendship & Intimacy
      Love Maps
      Fondness and Admiration
      Turning Toward or Away
      Emotional Distance and Loneliness
      Harsh Startup
      The Four Horsemen
      Gridlock on Perpetual Issues
      Accepting Influence
Conflict Processes
      Negative Sentiment Override
      Effective Repair Attempts
      Shared Meaning Rituals
      Shared Meaning Roles
      Shared Meaning Goals
      Shared Meaning Symbols
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