Conformity to Feminine Norms Inventory

Conformity to Feminine Norms Inventory (CFNI)
Mahalik et al‚ 2005
پرسشنامه انطباق با هنجار زنانه
1.    It is important to let people know they are special
2.    I would baby-sit for fun
3.    I would be happier if I was thinner *
4.    I would feel extremely ashamed if I had many sexual partners
5.    I feel uncomfortable being singled out for praise
6.    When I am in a romantic relationship‚ I give it all my energy
7.    It is important to keep your living space clean *
8.    I spend more than 30 minutes a day doing my hair and make-up *
9.    Putting energy into friendships is a waste of time
10.I participate in activities that include kids
11.I don’t tend to worry about gaining weight
12.If I was single‚ I would want to date a lot of people
13.Being mean gets you ahead in life
14.I tell everyone about my accomplishments *
15.Whether I’m in one or not‚ romantic relationships are often on my mind.
16.I clean my home on a regular basis *
17.I feel attractive without makeup *
18.I believe that my friendships should be maintained at all costs *
19.I find children annoying *
20.Being thin is important
21.I prefer long-term relationships to casual sexual ones
22.There is nothing wrong with bragging
23.I pity people who are single
24.I am comfortable when my living space is a little cluttered
25.I’d feel superficial if I wore make-up
26.I feel good about myself when others know that I care about them
27.Taking care of kids is just not for me
28.I would only diet if a doctor ordered me to do so
29.I would feel guilty if I had a one-night stand *
30.When I succeed‚ I tell my friends about it *
31.ha‎ving a romantic relationship is essential in life *
32.I enjoy spending time making my living space look nice *
33.Being nice to others is extremely important *
34.I regularly wear makeup *
35.I don’t go out of my way to keep in touch with friends *
36.Most people enjoy children more than I do *
37.I would like to lose a few pounds *
38.It is impossible to always be nice to others
39.It is not necessary to be in a committed relationship to have sex *
40.I hate telling people about my accomplishments *
41.I can be happy without being in a romantic relationship
42.I haven’t cleaned my living space in the past week
43.I get ready in the morning without looking in the mirror very much *
44.I would feel burdened if I had to maintain a lot of friendships *
45.When I want to relax‚ I don’t want to be around kids
46.I tend to watch what I eat in order to stay thin
47.I would feel comfortable ha‎ving casual sex *
48.I make it a point to get together with my friends regularly *
49.I always downplay my achievements *
50.Being in a romantic relationship is important *
51.I don’t care if my living space looks messy *
52.I never wear make-up *
53.I always try to make people feel special *
54.Caring for children adds meaning to one’s life
55.I’d look better if I put on a few pounds
56.I frequently change sexual partners
57.I am not afraid to tell people about my achievements *
58.My life plans do not rely on my ha‎ving a romantic relationship *
59.I do all of the cleaning‚ cooking and decorating where I live
60.It is important to look physically attractive in public
61.If a friendship isn’t working‚ I’ll end it
62.I would feel empty if my life did not involve children
63.I try to be sweet and nice
64.I am always trying to lose weight *
65.I would only have sex with the person I love *
66.I don’t seek recognition for my efforts
67.When I have a romantic relationship‚ I enjoy focusing my energies on it*
68.There is no point to cleaning because things will get dirty again *
69.I am not afraid to hurt people’s feelings to get what I want *
70.Taking care of children is extremely fulfilling *
71.I would be perfectly happy with myself even if I gained weight *
72.It would be enjoyable to date more than one person at a time
73.I enjoy being in the spotlight
74.If I were single‚ my life would be complete without a partner*
75.I rarely go out of my way to act nice *
76.I actively avoid children *
77.I am terrified of gaining weight *
78.I would only have sex if I was in a committed relationship like marriage*
79.I am only nice to people I like
80.I like being around children *
81.I tend to eat whatever I want
82.I don’t feel guilty if I lose contact with a friend *
83.I feel uneasy around children
84.I would be ashamed if someone thought I was mean*
* Items at CFNI-45
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این پرسشنامه میزان پایبندی زنان به نقش جنسیتی اجتماعی غربی (داشتن روابط خوب، لاغری، عفاف، خانه داری، مشارکت با کودکان، درگیری با روابط عاشقانه، وفاداری جنسی و توجه به ظاهر) را در می سنجد. ماده ها شامل شناخت، رفتار و عاطفه هنجارها را شامل می شود
Have Nice Relationships (HNR)‚ Thinness (THIN)‚ Modesty (MOD)‚ Domestic (DOMS)‚ Involvement with Children (IWC)‚ Involvement in Romantic Relationships (IRR)‚ Sexual Fidelity (SEXFID)‚ and Invest in Appearance (IIA).
اعتبار: هماهنگی درونی، آلفا کرونباخ
For the total CFNI =.88‚ HNR = .84‚ THIN = .90‚ MOD = .82‚ DOMS = .84‚ IWC = .92‚ IRR‚ .77‚ SEXFID = .85‚ and IIA = .82.
نمره گذاری:
"Strongly Disagree"‚ "Disagree"‚ "Agree"‚ "Strongly agree"
چگونگی دستیابی
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Mahalik‚ J.R.‚ Locke‚ B.D.‚ Ludlow‚ L.H.‚ Diemer‚ M.A.‚ Gottfried‚ M.‚ Scott‚ R. P.‚ Freitas‚ G. (2003). Development of the conformity to masculine norms inventory. Psychology of Men and Masculinity‚ 4(1)‚ 3-25.
Mahalik‚ J.R.‚ Morray‚ E.B.‚ Coonerty-Femaino‚ A.‚ Ludlow‚ L.H.‚ Slattery‚ S.M.‚ & Smiler‚ A. (2005). Development of the conformity to feminine norms inventory. Sex Roles. 52(7/8)‚ 417-435.
Parent‚ M. C. and Moradi‚ B. (2010).  Confirmatory factor analysis of the conformity to Feminine Norms Inventory and Development of an Abbreviated version: THE CFNI-45. Psychology of Women Quarterly‚ 34‚ 97–109.
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