Shirom-Melamed Burnout Measure

Shirom-Melamed Burnout Measure (SMBM)
Shirom & Melamed ‚ 1989‚ 2003
اندازه گیری فرسودگی شغلی شیروم- ملامد
How Do You Feel at Work?
1.    I feel tired
2.    I have no energy for going to work in the morning
3.    I feel physically drained
4.    I feel fed up
5.    I feel like my “batteries” are “dead”
6.    I feel burned out
7.    My thinking process is slow
8.    I have difficulty concentrating
9.    I feel I'm not thinking clearly
10.10. I feel I'm not focused in   my thinking
11.I have difficulty thinking about complex things
12.I feel I am unable to be sensitive to the needs of coworkers and customers 
13.I feel I am not capable of investing emotionally in coworkers and customers
14.I feel I am not capable of being sympathetic to co-workers and customers
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار فرسودگی شغلی را با سه خرده مقیاس "خستگی فیزیکی"، "خستگی عاطفی (هیجانی) و "خستگی شناخی" اندازه گیری می کند.
physical fatigue; emotional exhaustion; and cognitive weariness
اعتبار: هماهنگی درونی، آلفا کرونباخ فرم 0.92
نمره گذاری:
1= Never or almost never‚ 2= Very infrequently‚ 3= Quite infrequently‚ 4= Sometimes Quite‚ 5= frequently Very‚ 6= frequently‚ 7=Always or almost always
physical fatigue (1-5); emotional exhaustion (6-8); and cognitive weariness (9-12)
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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