Values‚ Preferences‚ and Personal Qualities Inventory

Values‚ Preferences‚ and Personal Qualities Inventory
SouthWestern Cengage Learning
سیاهه ارزش ها، رجحان ها و خصوصیات شخصی
Rank the importance of each value as it relates to your career and job goals (H: high; M: medium; L: low).
1.    Adventure (risk taking‚ new challenges)
2.    Education/learning/wisdom
3.    Social needs (need for relationships with people)
4.    Self‐respect/integrity/self‐discipline
5.    Helping/serving
6.    Recognition/respect from others
7.    Freedom/independence (working independently with minimal supervision)
8.    Security (job‚ family‚ national‚ financial)
9.    Spiritual needs
10.Expression (creative‚ artistic)
11.Responsibility (reliability‚ dependability)
12.Balance in work and personal life
List other values below and rank each one.
Place a check mark next to each work environment condition you prefer.
Work Environment
1.    Indoor work
2.    Outdoor work
3.    Industrial/manufacturing setting
4.    Office setting
5.    Working alone
6.    Working with people
7.    Working with things
8.    Working with data
9.    Working with ideas
10.Challenging opportunities
11.Predictable‚ orderly‚ structured work
12.Pressures at work
13.Problem solving
14.Standing while working
15.Sitting while working
16.Busy surroundings
17.Quiet surroundings
18.Exciting‚ adventurous conditions
19.Safe working conditions/environment
20.Creative environment
21.Opportunities for professional development and ongoing training/education
22.Flexibility in work structure
23.Teamwork and work groups
24.Opportunities to supervise‚ lead‚ advance
25.Opportunities to make a meaningful difference or to help others
26.Using cutting‐edge technology or techniques
27.Integrity and truth in work environment
28.Stability and security
29.High‐level earnings potential
30.Opportunities to participate in community affairs
List other conditions you are seeking in your job target.
Rate yourself on the personal qualities and work performance traits listed below using a scale of high (H)‚ average (A)‚ or low (L). Respond to the statements at the end of the form.
Personal Quality or Work Performance Trait
1.    Initiative/Resourcefulness/Motivation
2.    Dependability
3.    Punctuality
4.    Flexibility
5.    Creativity
6.    Patience
7.    Perseverance
8.    Humor
9.    Diplomacy
11.High energy level
12.Ability to work well with a team
13.Ability to set and achieve goals
14.Ability to plan‚ organize‚ prioritize work
15.Outgoing personality
16.Ability to handle conflict
17.Optimistic attitude
شرح سایت روان سنجی: سیاهه ای برای شناسایی ارزشها، رجحان ها و ویژگی های فرد برای یافتن بازار شغلی است.
اعتبار: سایت روان سنجی اطلاعاتی ندارد.
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