Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale

Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A)
Read the symptom in the left column. Rate it on a scale of 0-4 in the right column.
0 - Not at all
1 - Mild
2 - Moderate
3 - Severe
4 - Very Severe
1. Anxious mood Worries‚ anticipation of the worst‚ fearful anticipation‚ irritability.
2. Tension Feelings of tension‚ fatigability‚ startle response‚ moved to tears easily‚ trembling‚ feelings of restlessness‚ inability to relax.
3. Fears Of dark‚ of strangers‚ of being left alone‚ of animals‚ of traffic‚ of crowds.
4. Insomnia Difficulty in falling asleep‚ broken sleep‚ unsatisfying sleep and fatigue on waking‚ dreams‚ nightmares‚ night terrors.
5. Intellectual Difficulty in concentration‚ poor memory.
6. Depressed Mood Loss of interest‚ lack of pleasure in hobbies‚ depression‚ early waking‚ mood swings.
7. Physical/Muscular Pains and aches‚ twitching‚ stiffness‚ myoclonic jerks‚ grinding of teeth‚ unsteady voice‚ increased muscular tone.
8. Senses Tinnitus‚ blurring of vision‚ hot and cold flushes‚ feelings of weakness‚ pricking sensation.
9. Cardiovascular Tachycardia‚ palpitations‚ pain in chest‚ throbbing of vessels‚ fainting feelings‚ 'skipping' a beat.
10. Respiratory Pressure or constriction in chest‚ choking feelings‚ sighing‚ dyspnea.
11. Digestive Difficulty in swallowing‚ wind abdominal pain‚ burning sensations‚ abdominal fullness‚ nausea‚ vomiting‚ borborygmi‚ looseness of bowels‚ loss of weight‚ constipation.
12. Genitourinary Frequency of micturition‚ urgency of micturition‚ amenorrhea‚ menorrhagia‚ development of frigidity‚ premature ejaculation‚ loss of libido‚ impotence.
13. Autonomic symptoms Dry mouth‚ flushing‚ pallor‚ tendency to sweat‚ giddiness‚ tension headache‚ raising of hair.
14. Behavior at interview Fidgeting‚ restlessness or pacing‚ tremor of hands‚ furrowed brow‚ strained face‚ sighing or rapid respiration‚ facial pallor‚ swallowing‚ etc.
Rating Clinician-rated
Administration time 10–15 minutes
Main purpose To assess the severity of symptoms
of anxiety
Population Adults‚ adolescents and children
Reference: Hamilton M.The assessment of anxiety states by rating. Br. J. Med. Psychol 1959;32:50–55.
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