Gang Membership Inventory

Gang Membership Inventory (GMI)
Pillen & Hoewig-Roberson‚ 1992
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1.    Was there rang activity in your neighborhood?
2.    Were you approached by a gang member to join a gang?
3.    Were you beaten up by a gang member because you didn't want to join a gang?
4.    Did any of your friends join a gang?
5.    Did anyone in your household join a gang?
6.    Were you a member of a gang?
7.    Did you wear gang colors on purpose?
8.    Did you make gang hand signs on purpose?
9.    Did you take part in a fight representing a gang?
10.Did you spray paint gang signs on a wall?
11.Did you deliver drugs for gang?
12.Did you carry a weapon to protect yourself?
13.Did you hurt a gang member in a fight?
14.Did you sell drugs for a gang?
15.Did you become a leader of a gang?
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Pillen‚ M.B.‚ & Hoewing-Roberson‚ R.C. (1992). Determining youth gang membership: Development of a self-report instrument. Bloomington‚ IL: Chestnut Health Systems.