Multidimensional scale of anomia

Multidimensional scale of anomia
Heydari‚ Davoudi‚ &Teymoori‚ 2011
مقیاس چند بعدی بی هنجاری
Meaninglessness and distrust
1.    I can trust to the statements of high-ranking officials (authority) (author-made).
2.    There is little use writing to public officials because often they aren't really interested in the problems of average man (Srole‚ 1956; Teevan‚ 1975; Agnew‚ 1980).
3.    In spite of what some people say‚ a lot of average man is getting worse‚ not better (Srole‚ 1956; Mezruchi‚ 1960; Zeits et al.‚ 1969; Teevan‚ 1975).
4.    I believe most of the congress bills are towards the welfare of people (Author-made).
5.    Most public officials (people in public office) are not really interested in the problems of the average man (Mezruchi‚ 1960; Zeits et al.‚ 1969; Kapsis‚ 1978)
6.    I often wonder what the meaning of life really is (Dean‚ 1961).
7.    It's hardly fair to bring children into the word with the way things look for future (Srole‚ 1956).
8.    Everything is relative‚ and there just aren't any definite rules to live by(Dean‚ 1961).
9.    I lead a trapped or frustrated life(Teevan‚ 1975).
10.Nobody knows what is expected of him or her life (Bjarnason‚ 1998).
11.I have no control over my destiny(Teevan‚ 1975).
12.The socioeconomic status of people determines their dignity and its inevitable (Author-made).
13.The word is changing so fast that it is hard for me to understand what is going on (Teevan‚ 1975; Form‚ 1975).
14.My whole word feels like it as falling apart (Travis‚ 1993).
15.No matter how hard people try in life it doesn't make any difference (Travis‚ 1993).
Fetishism of money
16.To make money‚ there are no right and wrong ways anymore‚ only easy ways and hard ways (Srole‚ 1956; Zeits etal.‚ 1969).
17.A person is justified in doing almost anything if the reward is high enough (Rushing‚ 1971).
18.I am getting a college education so I can get a good job (Muftic‚ 2006).
19.I follow whatever rules I want to follow (Kapsis‚ 1978‚ Bjarnason‚ 1998).
20.Money is the most Important thing in life (Srole‚ 1956).
شرح سایت روان سنجی: آرش حیدری، ایران داوودی و علی تیموری در "بازنگری در سنجش احساس انومی: معرفی مقیاسی چند بعدی" کوشش کرده اند تا با بهره گیری از مقیاس های پیشین در این زمینه، آنومی را با با مقیاسی چند بعدی اندازه گیری کنند. آنان سه خرده مقیاس بی معنایی و بی اعتمادی، بی قدرتی و بت وارگی پول معرفی کرده اند.
اعتبار: آلفا کرونباخ
Meaninglessness (alpha 0.79)‚ Powerlessness (alpha .74)‚ Fetishism of money (alpha .62)
نمره گذاری:
5-point Likert from "completely agree" to "completely disagree"
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Heydari‚ Arash.‚ Davoudi‚ Iran.‚ Teymoori‚ Ali. (2011). Revising the assessment of feeling of anomie: Presenting a multidimensional scale. Procedia Social and Behavioural Sciences. 30‚ 1086-1090.
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