Attitudes To Wife Abuse Scale- Revised

Attitudes To Wife Abuse Scale- Revised (RAWA)
Marianne R. Yoshioka and Jennifer DiNoia. 2000
Briere‚ J. (1987)
مقیاس نگرش به همسر آزاری
1. A wife should move out of the house if her husband hits her.
2. A man is never justified in hitting his wife.
3. A husband should have the right to discipline his wife when it is necessary.
4. A man’s home is his castle.
5. A man should be arrested if he hits his wife.
6. A man is entitled to sex with his wife whenever he wants it.
7. Wife beating is grounds for divorce.
8. Some women seem to ask for beatings from their husbands.
Now we would like to know under what circumstances you believe a husband would be justified in hitting his wife. Circle the number that best fits how you feel.
9. If my wife had sex with another man
10. If my wife refused to cook and keep the house clean
11. If my wife refused to have sex with me
12. If my wife made fun me at a party
13. If my wife told friends that I was sexually pathetic
14. If my wife nags me too much
اعتبار : آلفا کرونباخ
Male Privilege 0.67
Situation specific approval of violence 0.84
Perceived Lack of Alternatives for Battered Women 0.69
دارای سه خرده مقیاس امتیاز مرد بودن، موقعیت خاص خشونت و شانس های جایگزین برای زنان آسیب دیده است.
کلید واژه
  • Attitudes
  • Violence
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This instrument can be found on page 19 of Measures for the assessment of dimensions of violence against women: A compendium Compiled by Michael Flood‚ available online at:
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اجرا و نمره گذاری:
For items 1 to 8:
1= Very True
2=Somewhat True
5= Somewhat False
6=Very False
For items 9-14: 1.Very likely‚ 2. somewhat likely‚ 3. slightly likely‚ 4. not at all likely
Briere‚ J. (1987). Predicting self-reported likelihood of battering: Attitudes andchildhood experiences. Journal of Research in Personality‚ 21: 61-69.
Yoshioka‚ M.‚ & DiNoia‚ J. (2000). The Revised Attitudes toward Wife Abuse Scale: A examination of Asian immigrant and Asian American adults. Manuscript under review.
Marianne R. Yoshioka‚ Ph.D.
Columbia University School of Social Work
622 West 113th Street‚ New York‚ NY 10025
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