Anger Management Scale

Anger Management Scale
Stith and Hamby‚ 2002
مقیاس مدیریت خشم
Anger Management Scale-Brief Trait Version
Hamby‚ Stith‚ Grych‚ & Banyard‚ 2013
مقیاس مدیریت خشم- فرم کوتاه
1. I can calm myself down when I am upset.
2. I can tell when I am beginning to get angry.
3. I can usually tell when I am about to lose my temper.
4. Before I let myself get really angry‚ I think about what will happen if I lose my temper.
5. When I feel myself getting angry‚ I try to tell myself to calm down.
اعتبار: آلفا 0.86
نمره گذاری فرم کوتاه
4=Mostly true about me‚ 3=Somewhat true about me‚ 2=A little true about me‚ 1=Not true about me
چگونگی دستیابی فرم کوتاه
مقیاس مدیریت خشم – فرم بلند
1.    When my partner picks a fight with me‚ I fight back.
2.    When my partner won't give in‚ I get furious.
3.    I often take what my partner says personally.
4.    My partner believes I have a short fuse.
5.    I can feel my blood rising when I start to get mad at my partner.
6.    Taking a break from my partner is a good way for me to calm down.
7.    When my partner is around‚ I feel like a bomb waiting to explode.
8.    I prefer to get out of the way when my partner hassles me.
9.    It is my partner's fault when I get mad.
10.When my partner is nice to me I wonder what my partner wants.
11.No matter how angry I am‚ I am responsible for my behavior toward my partner.
12.When my partner provokes me‚ I have a right to fight back.
13.I can feel it in my body when I’m starting to get mad at my partner.
14.My partner does things just to annoy me.
15.There is nothing I can do to control my feelings when my partner hassles me.
16.My partner is rude to me unless I insist on respect.
17.My partner likes to make me mad.
18.When my partner annoys me‚ I blow up before I even know that I am getting angry.
19.I recognize when I am beginning to get angry at my partner.
20.I am able to remain calm and not get angry at my partner.
21.I can usually tell when I am about to lose my temper at my partner.
22.I take time out as a way to control my anger at my partner.
23.I take a deep breath and try to relax when I’m angry at my partner.
24.I can set up a time-out period during an argument with my partner.
25.When I feel myself getting angry at my partner‚ I try to tell myself to calm down.
26.I often think of something pleasant to keep from thinking about my anger at my partner.
27.When I’m angry at my partner‚ I try to handle my feelings so no one gets hurt.
28.If I keep thinking about what made me mad‚ I get angrier.
29.When arguing with my partner‚ I often raise my voice.
30.I do something to take my mind off my partner when I’m angry.
31.When I’m mad at my partner‚ I say what I think without thinking of the consequences.
32.When my partner’s voice is raised‚ I don’t raise mine.
33.My partner thinks I am very patient.
34.I can calm myself down when I am upset with my partner.
35.When I feel myself starting to get angry at my partner‚ I try to stick to talking about the problem.
36.I am even-tempered with my partner.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این مقیاس برای ارزیابی شناخت و رفتارهایی است که می توانند خشم و خشونت میان شریک های زندگی را کاهش یا افزایش دهند. چهار خرده مقیاس: 1) راهبردهای افزایشی، 2) خصوصیات منفی، 3) خود- آگاهی و 4) راهبردهای آرام بخش دارد.
اعتبار: آلفا کرونباخ برای همه مقیاس 0.87، عامل نخست 0.83، عامل دوم 0.79، عامل سوم 0.70 و آخرین عامل 0.73
چگونگی دستیابی فرم بلند
This instrument can be found on pages 88-89 of “Anger Management in College Students: A Latent Class Analysis”. Available online at:
نمره گذاری
1= Strongly Disagree‚ 2‚ 3‚ 4= Strongly Agree
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Hamby‚ S.‚ Stith‚ S. M.‚ Grych‚ J.‚ & Banyard‚ V. L. (2013). The Anger Management Scale: Brief Trait Version. Sewanee‚ TN: Life Paths Research Program.
Stith‚ S. M.‚ & Hamby‚ S. (2002). The Anger Management Scale: Development  and preliminary psychometric properties. Violence and Victims‚ 17‚ 383-402.
Orbll. Matthew. Macleod‚ (2013). Anger Management in College Students: A Latent Class Analysis. University of Georgia. Ph.D. Dissertation.
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