Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying
مقیاس زورگویی در محیط کار
Threat to professional status scale (M = 1.91; SD = 1.20; alpha = .93)
1.    Persistent attempts to belittle and undermine your work
2.    Persistent and unjustified criticism and monitoring of your work
3.    Persistent attempts to humiliate you in front of colleagues
4.    Intimidatory use of discipline or competence procedures
Threat to personal standing scale (M = 1.82; SD = .91; alpha = .78)
5.    Undermining your personal integrity
6.    Destructive sarcasm with you
7.    Verbal threats to you
8.    Making inappropriate jokes about you
9.    Persistently teasing you
10.Physical violence to you
11.Violence to your property
Isolation scale (M = 1.77; SD = 1.24; alpha = .94) items:
12.Withholding necessary information from you
13.Freezing out/ignoring/excluding
14.Unreasonable refusal of applications for leave/training/promotion
Overwork scale (M = 2.25; SD = 1.13; alpha = .26) items:
15.Undue pressure to produce work
16.Setting of impossible deadlines
 Destabilization scale (M = 1.71; SD = 1.01; alpha = .77) items:
17.Shifting goalposts without consulting you
18.Constant undervaluing of your efforts
19.Persistent attempts to demoralize you
20.Removal of areas of responsibility without consultation
شرح سایت روان سنجی: اشاره به فرایند قربانی حملات نظام مند ، خوار کردن و تعدی به حقوق مدنی و انسانی کارکنان در محیط کار دارد. دارای چهار خرده مقیاس : تهدید از ناحیه حرفه؛ تهدید جایگاه شخصیتی؛ منزوی کردن و ناپایدارسازی است.
اعتبار: آلفا برای کل مقیاس 0.81
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