Fast Track Project Child Behavior Questionnaire

Fast Track Project Child Behavior Questionnaire
پرسشنامه رفتار کودکان  
1. I wait my turn during activities.
2. I cope well with disappointment or frustration.
3. I accept it when things do not go my way.
4. My feelings get hurt.
5. When I get upset‚ I whine or complain.
6. I control my temper when there is a disagreement.
7. I stop and calm down when I am frustrated or upset
8. I think before I act.
9. I do what I am told to do.
10. When I want something‚ I am patient when waiting.
11. I follow the rules.
12. I stick with an activity until it is finished.
13. I can concentrate and focus on one activity at a time.
14. I ignore kids who are fooling around in class.
15. I fight or argue with adults.
16. I tell new kids my name without being asked to tell it.
17. When people are angry with me‚ I control my anger.
18. When someone tells me a rule that I think is unfair‚ I ask about the rule in a nice way.
19. When I disagree with my parents‚ I yell and scream.
20. I ask friends for help with my problems.
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This instrument can be found on page 3 of “ASSESSING SELF-REGULATION: A GUIDE FOROUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME PROGRAM PRACTITIONERS”‚ available online at:
نمره گذاری
All of the time=1‚ Most of the time=2‚ Some of the time=3‚ None of the time=4
Reverse coding items 4‚ 5‚ 7 and 19
Bandy‚ T. & Moore‚ K. (2010). Assessing self-regulation: A guide for out-of-school time program practitioners. Results-to-Research Brief #2010-23. Child Trends.
خرداد 1396
اسفند 1395
آبان 1395
فروردین 1394
خرداد 1393
فروردین 1393
اسفند 1392
بهمن 1392
دی 1390
آذر 1390
تیر 1390
خرداد 1390
اردیبهشت 1390
بهمن 1389
دی 1389
اردیبهشت 1389
دی 1388
آبان 1388
شهریور 1388
مرداد 1388
تیر 1388
خرداد 1388
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