Attitudes towards dating violence. Follingstad et al

Attitudes towards dating violence
Follingstad et al.‚ 1999
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1. It is better to stay with a boyfriend and experience some hitting than to break up with him.
2. Women who are hit by their boyfriends are sometimes partly responsible.
3. It seems that some women periodically need to be put in their place by their boyfriends through physical force.
4. It is sometimes understandable for a man to hit his girlfriend if he finds out she has had a sexual affair with another man.
5. Even if a woman makes a fool out of her boyfriend in public‚ he still has no right to hit her.
6. Women should understand that men are naturally aggressive.
7. A woman who does not do as her boyfriend asks should not be surprised when he hits her.
8. Society has no right to intervene in whether or not a man hits his girlfriend.
9. Even when a woman’s behavior challenges her boyfriend’s manhood‚ he’s not justified in hitting her.
10. Because of their behavior‚ I can understand why certain women get hit by their boyfriends at times.
11. I can occasionally understand why some men hit their girlfriends when their girlfriends were very insulting towards them.
12. Women who are hit by their boyfriends are to blame for the abuse because they should have foreseen it would happen.
13. If friends knew of a man who hit his girlfriend it would be important for them to stand up against the man.
14. When a woman does not take her boyfriend seriously‚ it is sometimes understandable if he hits her to make his point.
15. Men would not hit their girlfriends unless they did something to deserve it.
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This instrument can be found on pages 235-236 of “An acquaintance rape education program for students transitioning to high school”‚ available online at:
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1 = strongly agree to strongly disagree=6
Follingstad‚ D. R.‚ Bradley‚ R. G.‚ Laughlin‚ G. E. & Burke‚ L. (1999) Risk factors and correlates of dating violence: the relevance of examining frequency and severity levels in a college sample‚ Violence and Victims‚ 14‚ 365–380.
Karen E. Faya and Frederic J. Medway. (2006). An acquaintance rape education program for students transitioning to high school. Sex Education; 6(3)‚223–236.
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