Gay Identity Questionnaire

Gay Identity Questionnaire (GIQ)
Brady and Busse (1994)
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1.    I probably am sexually attracted equally to men and women.
2.    I live a homosexual lifestyle at home‚ while at work/school I do not want others to know about my lifestyle.
3.    My homosexuality is a valid private identity‚ that I do not want to made public
4.    I have feelings I would label as homosexual.
5.    I have little desire to be around most heterosexuals.
6.    I doubt that I am homosexual but still am confused about who I am sexually.
7.    I do not want most heterosexuals to know that I am definitely homosexual.
8.    I am very proud to be gay and make it known to everyone around me.
9.    I don't have much contact with heterosexuals and can't say that I miss it.
10.I generally feel comfortable being the only gay person in a group of heterosexuals.
11.I'm probably homosexual even though I maintain a heterosexual image in both my personal and public life.
12.I have disclosed to 1 or 2 people (very few) that I have homosexual feelings‚ although I'm not sure I'm homosexual.
13.I am not as angry about society's treatment of gays because even thought I've told everyone about my gayness‚ they have responded well.
14.I am definitely homosexual but I do not share that knowledge with most people.
15.I don't mind if homosexuals know that am have homosexual thoughts and feelings‚ but I don’t want others to know.
16.More than likely I'm homosexual‚ although I'm not positive about I yet.
17.I don't act like most homosexuals do‚ so I doubt I'm homosexual.
18.I'm probably homosexual‚ but I'm not sure yet.
19.I am openly gay and fully integrated into heterosexual society.
20.I don't think I'm homosexual.
21.I don't feel I'm heterosexual or homosexual.
22.I have thoughts I would label as homosexual.
23.I don't want people to know that I may be homosexual‚ although I'm not sure if I am homosexual or not.
24.I may be homosexual and I am upset at the thought of it.
25.The topic of homosexuality does not relate to me personally.
26.I frequently confront people about their irrational‚ homophobic (fear of homosexuality) feelings.
27.Getting in touch with homosexuals is something I feel I need to do‚ even though I'm not sure what I want to do.
28.I have homosexual thoughts and feelings but I doubt that I'm homosexual.
29.I dread ha‎ving to deal with the fact that I may be homosexual.
30.I am proud and open with everyone about being gay‚ but it isn't the major focus of my life.
31.I probably am heterosexual or non-sexual.
32.I am experimenting with my same sex‚ because I don't know what my sexual preferences are.
33.I feel accepted by homosexual friends and acquaintances‚ even though I'm not sure I'm homosexual.
34.I frequently express to others‚ anger over heterosexuals' oppression of me and other guys.
35.I have not told most of the people at work that I am definitely homosexual.
36.I accept but would not say I am proud of the fact that I am definitely homosexual.
37.I cannot imagine sharing my homosexual feelings with anyone.
38.Most heterosexuals are not credible sources of help for me.
39.I am openly gay around gays and heterosexuals.
40.I engage in sexual behavior I would label as homosexual.
41.I am not about to stay hidden as gay for anyone.
42.I tolerate rather than accept my homosexual thoughts and feelings.
43.My heterosexual friends‚ family‚ and associates think of me as a person who happens to be gay‚ rather than as a gay person.
44.Even thought I am definitely homosexual‚ I have not told my family.
45.I am openly gay with everyone‚ but it doesn’t make me feel all that different from heterosexuals.
سایت روان سنجی:  این ابزار برپایه مراحل رشد هویت همجنسگرایی " کاس، 1984" پدید آمده است.شش مرحله را در بردارد: سردرگمی، تطبیق، بردباری، پذیرش، بالیدن و ترکیب.
اعتبار: همسانی درونی
tolerance (.76)‚ acceptance (.71)‚ pride (.44) and synthesis (.78). Confusion and comparison were not analyzed for reliability (Feldman‚ 2012)
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Brady‚ S. & Buse‚ W.J. (1994). The gay identity questionnaire: A brief measure of homosexual identity formation. Journal of homosexuality‚ 26(4)‚ 1-22
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