Assessment of Immediate Safety Screening Questions

Assessment of Immediate Safety Screening Questions
American Medical Association. 1992
پرسش های غربالگری سنجش فوریت ایمنی
1.    Are you in a relationship in which you have been physically hurt or threatened by your partner?
2.    Are you in a relationship in which you felt you were treated badly? In what ways?
3.    Has your partner ever destroyed things that you cared about?
4.    Has your partner ever threatened or abused your children?
5.    Has your partner ever forced you to have sex when you didn’t want to? Does he force you to engage in sex that makes you feel uncomfortable?
6.    We all fight at home. What happens when you and your partner fight or disagree?
7.    Do you ever feel afraid of your partner?
8.    Has your partner ever prevented you from leaving the house‚ seeing friends‚ getting a job‚ or continuing your education?
9.    You mentioned that your partner uses drugs/alcohol. How does he act when he is drinking or on drugs? Is he ever verbally or physically abusive?
10.Do you have guns in your home? Has your partner ever threatened to use them when he was angry?
شرح سایت روان سنجی: 10 نمونه از پرسش های خشونت خانگی در زمینه جسمی، جنسی و عاطفی که پزشک می پرسد.
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American Medical Association. Diagnosis and treatment guidelines on domestic violence. (1992) Chicago‚ IL: American Medical Association.
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