Affirmative Counseling Behaviors with GLB Clients

Affirmative Counseling Behaviors with GLB Clients (ACBGLBC)
Bieschke & Matthews‚ 2003
مقیاس رفتارهای مثبت با مراجعان دارای اختلال جنسی
1. I help my clients establish connections in the lgb community.
2. I inquire whether the lgb client wants children‚ and if so‚ I feel able to assist them in considering various options.
3. I educate clients about their legal rights if they find they are being discriminated against because of sexual orientation.
4. I assist lgb clients in exploring social opportunities that do not involve bars‚ nightclubs‚ or other events that revolve around alcohol.
5. I help lgb clients make contacts with "out" role models.
6. I am familiar with current research regarding stages of lgb identity development.
7. I am familiar with state and local laws that might affect lgb clients around issues (e.g.‚ marriage‚ domestic partnership‚ sexual practices‚ childrearing‚ adoption‚ and employment).
8. I discuss how to cope with one-the-job discrimination or harassment that is based on sexual orientation.
9. I routinely discuss issues of sexual orientation identity development with clients.
10. In my office‚ I have visible signs of lgb affirmation (i.e.‚ posters‚ books‚ buttons‚ etc.).
11. I discuss the costs and benefits of "passing" as heterosexual.
12. I assist lgb clients in trying to influence work environments to make them more open to those who are lgb.
13. I explore the client's internalized homophobia and heterosexism when discussing issues related to shame.
14. I routinely refer clients to programs or resources related to their presenting problems that specifically address the needs of lgb individuals.
15. I provide groups‚ programs‚ or services specific to lgb populations.
16. When working with lgb clients who have a disability‚ I assess the extent to which their disability affects their involvement in the lgb community.
17. I discuss geographical issues that may be relevant with respect to lgb issues.
18. I assist those clients who are also racial/ethnic minorities to negotiate the norms regarding sexual orientation of both mainstream and racial/ethnic minorities.
19. I assist lgb clients in assessing work environment attitudes toward sexual orientation.
20. I attend conference seminars and workshops that increase my knowledge and skill relevant to working with lgb individuals.
21. I discuss ways of handling domestic partnership issues in the workplace.
22. When working with lgb clients who have a disability‚ I explore the extent to which medical and rehabilitation personnel are affirmative of diverse sexual identities.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار رفتار مثبت مشاوران با مراجعان دارای اختلال جنسی ( همجنس بازان) را می سنجد.
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