Gottman Sound Relationship House Questionnaires -5 item scale

Gottman Sound Relationship House Questionnaires (5 item scale)
John M. Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman‚ 1999‚ 200-2004
آوای رابطه در خانه- 5 ماده ای
1 = True
2 = False
Love Maps
1.    I can tell you some of my partner’s life dreams.
2.    I can list the relatives my partner likes the least.
3.    My partner is familiar with what are my current stresses.
4.    I can list my partner’s major aspirations and hopes in life.
5.    I know my partner’s major current worries.
Fondness and Admiration System
1.    My partner really respects me.
2.    I feel loved and cared for in this relationship.
3.    Romance is something our relationship definitely still has in it.
4.    When I come into a room‚ my partner is glad to see me.
5.    My partner appreciates the things I do in this relationship.
Turning Towards or Away
1.    I really enjoy discussing things with my partner.
2.    We always have a lot to say to each other.
3.    We have a lot of fun together in our everyday lives.
4.    We really have a lot of interests in common.
5.    We like to do a lot of the same things
Negative Sentiment Override
1.    I felt innocent of blame for this problem.
2.    I felt unjustly accused
3.    I felt personally attacked.
4.    I felt unjustly criticized.
5.    I wanted the negativity to just stop.
Harsh Startup
1.    Arguments often seem to come out of nowhere.
2.    I seem to always get blamed for issues.
3.    My partner criticizes my personality.
4.    Our calm is suddenly shattered.
5.    I find my partner’s negativity unnerving and unsettling.
Accepting Influence
1.    I generally want my partner to feel influential in this relationship.
2.    I can listen to my partner‚ but only up to a point.
3.    My partner has a lot of basic common sense.
4.    I don’t reject my partner’s opinions out of hand.
5.    My partner is basically a great help as a problem solver
Repair Attempts
1.    We are good at taking breaks when we need them.
2.    Even when arguing‚ we can maintain a sense of humor.
3.    We are pretty good listeners even when we have different positions on things.
4.    If things get heated‚ we can usually pull out of it and change things.
5.    My partner is good at soothing me when I get upset.
1.    We are usually good at resolving our differences.
2.    We both believe in meeting each other halfway when we disagree.
3.    In discussing issues‚ we can usually find our common ground of agreement.
4.    Yielding power is not very difficult for me.
5.    Give and take in making decisions is not a problem in this relationship.
Gridlock on Perpetual Issues
1.    We keep hurting each other whenever we discuss our core issues.
2.    My partner has a long list of basically unreasonable demands.
3.    I don’t feel respected when we disagree.
4.    My partner often acts in a selfish manner.
5.    When we discuss our issues‚ my partner acts as if I am totally wrong and he or she is totally right.
The Four Horsemen
1.    I have to defend myself because the ch‎arges against me are so unfair.
2.    I often feel unappreciated by my partner.
3.    My partner doesn’t face issues responsibly and maturely.
4.    I am just not guilty of many of the things I get accused of.
5.    My partner has a lot of trouble being rational and logical.
1.    Our discussions get too heated.
2.    I have a hard time calming down.
3.    One of us is going to say something we will regret.
4.    I think to myself‚ “Why can’t we talk more logically?”
5.    My partner has a long list of unreasonable demands.
Emotional Disengagement and Loneliness
1.    I often find myself disappointed in this relationship.
2.    I will at times find myself quite lonely in this relationship.
3.    It is hard for my deepest feelings to get much attention in this relationship.
4.    There is not enough closeness between us.
5.    I have adapted to a lot in this relationship‚ and I am not so sure it’s a good idea.
1.    Reun‎ions at the end of each day in our home are generally special times in my day.
2.    During weekends‚ we do a lot of things together that we enjoy and value.
3.    I really look forward to and enjoy our vacations and the travel we do together.
4.    When we do errands together‚ we generally have a good time.
5.    We have ways of becoming renewed and refreshed when we are burned out or fatigued.
·         We share many similar values in our roles as lovers and partners.
·         My partner and I have compatible views about the role of work in one’s life.
·         My partner and I have similar philosophies about balancing work and family life.
·         My partner supports what I would see as my basic mission in life.
·         My partner shares my views on the importance of family and kin (sisters‚ brothers‚ moms‚ dads) in our life together.
·         If I were to look back on my life in very old age‚ I think I would see that our paths in life had meshed very well.
·         My partner values my own accomplishments.
·         My partner honors my own very personal goals‚ unrelated to my relationship.
·         We have very similar financial goals.
·         Our hopes and aspirations‚ as individuals and together‚ for our children‚ for our life in general‚ and for our old age are quite compatible.
·         We see eye-to-eye about what “home” means.
·         We have similar views about the role of sex in our lives.
·         We have similar views about the role of love and affection in our lives.
·         We have similar values about the importance and meaning of money in our lives.
·         We have similar values about “autonomy” and “independence.”
شرح سایت روان سنجی: "جان گاتمن" فردی صاحب نام در زمینه مطالعات علمی در زمینه ازدواج برای چهار دهه است. او مدلی "1994" و ابزارهایی برای پیش بینی و پایایی زندگی مشترک بر پایه کارهای بالینی ارائه کرد.
فرم بلند "تعارض" در همین پایگاه وجود دارد.
Friendship & Intimacy
      Love Maps
      Fondness and Admiration
      Turning Toward or Away
      Emotional Distance and Loneliness
      Harsh Startup
      The Four Horsemen
      Gridlock on Perpetual Issues
      Accepting Influence
Conflict Processes
      Negative Sentiment Override
      Effective Repair Attempts
      Shared Meaning Rituals
      Shared Meaning Roles
      Shared Meaning Goals
      Shared Meaning Symbols
اعتبار: مقیاس ها ، آلفا کرونباخ (شوهر، زن)
برای آگاهی بیشتر گزارش روایی و اعتبار را ببینید.
Scale‚ Cronbach alpha (Husband‚ Wife)
Love Maps (.61‚ .59)‚ Fondness & Admiration (.91‚ .91)‚ Turning Toward (.90‚ .89)‚ Negative Sentiment Override (.92‚ .92)‚ 17-areas (.77‚ .73)‚ Harsh Startup (.93‚ .91)‚ Accepts Influence (.39‚ .37)‚ Repair (.87‚ .87)‚ Compromise (.62‚ .61)‚ Gridlock (.91‚ .90)‚ Four Horsemen (.94‚ .93)‚ Flooding (.89‚ .88)‚ Emotional Distance & Loneliness (.91‚ .91)‚ Shared Meaning Total (.92‚ .89)‚ Husband: Rituals ( .77‚ 0.76)‚ Roles (.45‚ .79)‚ Symbols (.85‚ .80)‚ goals (.86‚ .72)
Friendship: (.95‚ .94); Sex‚ romance and passion: (.90‚ .89); Negative sentiment override: (.92‚ .92); Destructive or constructive marital conflict (abbreviated as “destructive conflict”): (.94‚ .94); Repair effectiveness: (.87‚ .87); Flooding: (.89‚ .88); and Shared meaning total score: (.93‚ .90.)
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This instrument can be found at: Sound Relationship House Theory and Relationship and Marriage Education & Healthy Marriages Compendium&
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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