Comprehensive Marital Satisfaction Scale

Comprehensive Marital Satisfaction Scale (CMSS)
Blum and Mehrabian‚ 1999
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مقیاس رضایت زناشویی
1.    My spouse and I agree on how we handle our finances.
2.    I prefer doing things without my spouse.
3.    My spouse is very loving and affectionate.
4.    I regret marrying my spouse.
5.    My spouse satisfies me sexually.
6.    I don't get the love and affection I want from my spouse.
7.    My spouse and I agree on the friends with whom we associate.
8.    My spouse and I share the same basic philosophy of life.
9.    I don't approve of the way my spouse relates to my family.
10.My spouse and I have similar ambitions and goals.
11.My spouse and I have marital difficulties.
12.I always confide in my spouse.
13.If I were marrying again‚ I would pick my present spouse.
14.My spouse really gets on my nerves.
15.My spouse and I kiss daily.
16.My spouse and I do not communicate well with each other.
17.My marriage is not as good as most marriages.
18.My spouse and I settle our disagreements with mutual give and take.
19.I am very happy with my marriage.
20.My spouse and I seldom laugh together.
21.I am committed to my marriage.
22.My spouse and I quarrel frequently.
23.My spouse and I agree on how to spend our leisure time.
24.My spouse and I often argue about finances.
25.My spouse and I often disagree about major decisions.
26.I am pleased with my relationship with my spouse.
27.My spouse and I disagree on household chores.
28.My spouse and I differ on our general values and beliefs.
29.My spouse and I have a better marriage than most married couples I know.
30.My spouse's habits annoy me.
31.My spouse and I disagree on sexual matters.
32.My spouse and I agree on how we demonstrate affection towards each other.
33.I often contemplate ending my marriage.
34.My spouse and I agree on our dealings with our in-laws.
35.My spouse is generally understanding.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: محرابیان این ابزار را در دو نسخه 14 و 35 گویه ای ارائه کرده است.
یادآوری شود: ذکتر محرابیان از پاسخگویی درباره این مقیاس پرهیز می کنند. به منابع مراجعه فرمایید.
دکتر غلامرضا رجبی در سال 1388 این پرسشنامه را به فارسی برگردان کرده و در پژوهشی با عنوان " ساختار عاملی رضایت زناشویی در کارکنان متاهل دانشگاه شهید چمران به کار گرفته است.
اعتبار: هماهنگی درونی 0.94 و بازآزمایی پس از شش هفته 0.83
نمره گذاری
+4 = very strong agreement‚ +3 = strong agreement‚ +2 = moderate agreement‚ +1 = slight agreement‚ 0 = neither agreement nor disagreement‚ -1 = slight disagreement‚ -2 = moderate disagreement‚ -3 = strong disagreement‚ -4 = very strong disagreement
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This instrument can be found at: Healthy Marriages Compendium‚ Part 2
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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