Handling Bullying Questionnaire

Handling Bullying Questionnaire (HBQ)
Rigby‚ 2002‚ 2006
پرسشنامه مدیریت قلدری
1.    I would insist that the bully "cut it out."
2.    I would treat the matter lightly.
3.    I would make sure the bully was suitably punished.
4.    I would discuss the matter with my colleagues at school.
5.    I would convene a meeting of students‚ including the bully or bullies‚ tell them what was happening‚ and ask them to suggest ways they could help improve the situation.
6.    I would tell the victim to stand up to the bully.
7.    I would make it clear to the bully that his or her behaviour would not be tolerated.
8.    I would leave it for someone else to sort out.
9.    I would share my concern with the bully about what happened to the victim‚ and seek to get the bully to behave in a more caring and responsible manner.
10.I would let the students sort it out themselves.
11.I would suggest that the victim act more assertively.
12.I would discuss with the bully options from which he or she could make a choice in order to improve the situation.
13.I would ask the school counsellor to intervene.
14.I would refer the matter to an administrator (e.g.‚ principal‚ vice-principal‚ dean).
15.I would contact the victim's parents or guardians to express my concern about their child’s well-being.
16.I would just tell the kids to "grow up."
17.I would encourage the victim to show that he or she could not be intimidated.
18.I would ignore it
19.I would help the bully achieve greater self-esteem so that he or she would no longer want to bully anyone.
20.I would insist to the parents(s) or guardian(s) of the bully that the behaviour must stop.
21.I would find the bully something more interesting to do.
22.I would advise the victim to tell the bully to "back off."
شرح سایت روان سنجی: مدیریت زورگویی (قلدری) در مدرسه بستگی به موقعیت و شدت آن دارد. این پرسشنامه کمک می کند تا معلم تدابیر خودش را در مواجهه با این امر روشن کند. دارای پنج عامل "کارکردن با قربانی"، "کارکردن با زورگو"،"نادیده گرفتن زورگویی"، "بهره گرفتن از بزرگسالان" و " برخورد انضباطی با زورگو" است.
Working with the victim‚ Working with the bully‚ Ignoring the incident‚ Enlisting other adults‚ Disciplining the bully
خرده مقیاس ها و آلفا کرونباخ
Working with the victim (alpha .75); Working with the bully (alpha .69); Ignoring the incident (alpha .70); Enlisting other adults (alpha .63)‚ and Disciplining the bully (alpha .45). “Bauman‚ et al‚ 2008”
نمره گذاری:
(5) I definitely Would‚ I probably Would‚ I’m unsure‚ I probably would not‚ (1) I definitely would not
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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