Friendship Quality Questionnaire - Revised

Friendship Quality Questionnaire - Revised (FQQ-R)
Parker & Asher‚ 1993
پرسشنامه کیفیت دوستی
1.    ______ lives really close to me.
2.    ______ and I always sit together at lunch.
3.    ______ and I get mad a lot.
4.    ______ tells me I am good at things.
5.    ______ sticks up for me if others talk behind my back.
6.    ______ and I make each other feel important and special.
7.    ______ and I always pick each other as partners for things.
8.    ______ says "I'm sorry" if [he/she] hurts my feelings.
9.    ______ sometimes says mean things about me to other kids.
10.______ has good ideas about games to play.
11.______ and I talk about how to get over being mad at each other.
12.______ would like me even if others didn't.
13.______ tells me I am pretty smart.
14.______ and I always tell each other our problems.
15.______ makes me feel good about my ideas.
16.I talk to ______ when I'm mad about something that happened to me.
17.______ and I help each other with chores a lot.
18.______ and I do special favors for each other.
19.______ and I do fun things together a lot.
20.______ and I argue a lot.
21.I can count on ______ to keep promises.
22.______ and I go to each other's houses.
23.______ and I always play together at recess. (5th grade) participate in activities together during our free time (6" grade).
24.______ and I give advice when figuring things out.
25.______ and I talk about the things that make us sad.
26.______ and I make up easily when we have a fight.
27.______ and I fight a lot.
28.______ and I share things with each other.
29.______ and I talk about how to make ourselves feel better if we are mad at each other.
30.______ does not tell my secrets.
31.______ and I bug each other a lot.
32.______ comes up with good ideas on ways to do things.
33.______ and I loan each other things all the time.
34.______ helps me so I can get done quicker.
35.______ and I get over our arguments really quickly.
36.______ and I count on each other for good ideas on how to get things done.
37.______ doesn't listen to me.
38.______ and I tell each other private things.
39.______ and I help each other with school work a lot.
40.______ and I tell each other secrets.
41.______ cares about my feelings.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این پرسشنامه دارای 40 گویه و یک گویه برای تمرین است که از کودک خواسته می شود تا ارتباط با نزدیک ترین یا بهترین دوست خود را پاسخ دهد. شش خرده مقیاس "ارزیابی و مراقبت" ، " حل تعارض" تعارض و خیانت"، "کمک و راهنمایی"، "همراهی و سرکرمی" و " مبادله صمیمیت" دارد.
validation and caring‚ conflict resolution‚ conflict and betrayal‚ help and guidance‚ companionship and recreation‚ intimate exchange
اعتبار: هماهنگی درونی، آلفا کرونباخ در دامنه 0.73 تا 0.90 برای خرده مقیاس ها و میانگین باآزمایی پس از دو هفته 0.75
نمره گذاری:
not at all true‚ a little true‚ somewhat true‚ Pretty true‚ really true
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Parker‚ J.‚ & Asher‚ S. (1993). Friendship and friendship quality in middle childhood: Links with peer acceptance and feelings of loneliness and social dissatisfaction. Developmental Psychology‚ 29‚ 611–621.
Wiener‚ Judith.‚ and Schneider‚ Barry H. (2002). A Multisource Exploration of the Friendship Patterns of Children With and Without Learning Disabilities. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology‚ 30(2)‚ 127–141
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