Faith in People Scale

Faith in People Scale
Misanthropy scale
Rosenberg‚ 1957
مقیاس ایمان در افراد
1. Some people say that most people can be trusted. Others say you can't be too careful in your dealings with people. How do you feel about it?
_____ Most people can be trusted.
_____ You can't be too careful.
2. Would you say that most people are more inclined to help others‚ or more inclined to look out f o r themselves?
_____ To help others.
_____ To look out for themselves.
3. If you don't watch yourself‚ people will take advantage of you.
4. No one is going to care much what happens to you‚ when you get right down to it.
5. Human nature is fundamentally cooperative.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این مقیاس میزان اعتماد به نفس را درباره "قابلیت اعتماد"، "صداقت"، "نیکی"، "سخاوت" و "برادرانه بودن" را ارزیابی کند. از این مقیاس با عنوان "مقیاس مردم گریزی" نیز یاد شده است.
trustworthiness‚ honesty‚ goodness‚ generosity‚ and brotherliness
اعتبار: ضریب تکرار پذیری برای 5 ماده 0.92
نمره گذاری: مقیاس از گونه "گاتمن" با دو ماده گزینه بایست و سه عبارت موافق – مخالف است.
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found at: Measures of social psychological attitudes
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