Organizational Commitment Questionnaire

The Organizational Commitment scales (OCS)
Adopted by Moriatsu Takada .2005 
 مقیاس های تعهد سازمانی
Items from the Organizational Commitment Scales*
Affective Organizational Commitment
1.*   I do not feel like part of a family at (name of hospital).
2.     I feel emotionally attached to (name of hospital).
3.     Working at (name of hospital) has a great deal of personal meaning for me.
4.     I feel a strong sense of belonging to (name of hospital).
5.*   (Name of hospital) does not deserve my loyalty.
6.     I am proud to tell others that I work at (name of hospital).
7.     I would be happy to work at (name of hospital) until I retire.
8.     I really feel that any problems faced by (name of hospital) are also my problems.
9.     I enjoy discussing (name of hospital) with people outside of it.
Continuance Organizational Commitment
1.     I am not concerned about what might happen if I left (name of hospital) without ha‎ving another position lined up.
2.     It would be very hard for me to leave (name of hospital) right now‚ even if I wanted to.
3.     Too much in my life would be disrupted if I decided I wanted to leave (name of hospital) now.
4.     It wouldn’t be too costly for me to leave (name of hospital) now.
5.*  Right now‚ staying with (name of hospital) is a matter of necessity as much as desire.
6.     One of the few‚ serious consequences of leaving (name of hospital) would be the scarcity of available alternatives.
7.     One of the reasons I continue to work for (name of hospital) is that leaving would require considerable sacrifice-another organization may not match the overall benefits I have here.
Normative Organizational Commitment
1.*  I do not feel any obligation to remain with (name of hospital).
2.     Even if it were to my advantage‚ I do not feel it would be right to leave (name of hospital) now.
3.     I would feel guilty if I left (name of hospital) now.
4.     (Name of hospital) deserves my loyalty.
5.     It would be wrong to leave (name of hospital) right now because of my obligation to the people in it.
6.     I owe a great deal to (name of hospital).
Responses to each item are measured on a 7-point scale with scale point anchors labeled: strongly disagree‚ moderately disagree‚ slightly disagree‚ either
disagree nor agree‚ slightly agree‚ moderately agree‚ and strongly agree. An asterisk (*) denotes a negatively phrased and reverse scored item.
Source: Questionnaire from “Commitment and perceived organizational support” by LaMastro.
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Takada. Moriatsu.‚ (2005). Comparative Analysis of Organizational Commitment in Medical Professionals. At:
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