Expectations Questionnaire

Expectations Questionnaire
Jessica Miller and Brandi Tedder (2011)
پرسشنامه چشم داشت رابطه عاشقانه
In romantic relationships‚ I expect:
1.    To feel comfortable disclosing what I need or want from our relationship.
2.    To be under-benefited.
3.    To feel like my partner is romantically interested in me.
4.    To see a future with my partner.
5.    To be committed to my partner.
6.    That my partner will attempt to make our interactions enjoyable.
7.    That my partner will not be willing to do things with my friends or family.
8.    My partner to be willing to compromise.
9.    To be confident as an intimate partner.
10.To be able to disclose intimate‚ personal things about myself without hesitation.
11.My partner and I to feel the same way about each other.
12.My partner to display an appropriate amount of affection towards me.
13.My partner’s feelings won't be as strong for me as mine are for them.
14.My partner to be committed to me.
15.That my partner and I will not use open communication.
16.To be patient and forgiving of my partner.
17.My partner and I to work together to solve conflicts.
18.To be unhappy with my role in the relationship.
19.My partner to not sincerely reveal to me their feelings and experiences.
20.The same standard of behavior from my partner as they expect of me.
21.To be happy with the amount of physical affection.
22.My relationship to last.
23.My partner to be strongly motivated to devote their time and effort to our relationship.
24.My partner to listen to me.
25.To feel like my partner does things to maintain our relationship.
26.My partner to try to understand why I am upset.
27.To be happy with my partner’s role in the relationship.
28.To be able to intimately disclose who I really am‚ openly and fully.
29.My partner to contribute as much to our relationship (financially) as I do.
30.My partner to not compliment me often.
31.To be strongly motivated to devote time and effort.
32.My partner to not discuss our future together.
33.To feel comfortable voicing my preferences in the relationship.
34.To be very motivated to be involved.
35.To feel comfortable letting my partner know when I am upset.
36.My partner to be dependable.
37.As a whole‚ that my partner’s disclosures about our relationship will be more positive than negative.
38.That my partner will not support me in my endeavors as much as I support them.
39.To feel cared for.
40.To be certain that my feelings for my partner will not change.
41.My partner to keep their promises.
42.My partner to try to understand my needs.
43.To experience honesty from my partner.
44.My partner and I will not be able to successfully reach conflict resolution.
45.My partner to feel responsible for their part.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: روابط عاشقانه از تجربه های انسانی است. دیدن واقعیت و چشم داشت ها از این رابطه بر خشنودی طرفین تاثیر گذار است. این ابزار چشمداشت در رابطه عاشقانه را با نه خرده مقیاس : بازسازی و نگهداری رفتار، تعهد، کیفیت ارتباط، حل تعارض، ابراز خود ، محبت، اعتماد، نقش در رابطه و برابری حقوق طرفین اندازه گیری می کند.
پدید آورندگان این ابزار را با مقیاس واقعیت در رابطه عاشقانه به کار گرفته اند. هر یک از انتظارات به یکی از خرده مقیاس های بالا مرتبط است.
maintenance behaviors‚ commitment‚ quality of communication‚ conflict resolution‚ self-disclosure‚ affection‚ relational certainty/security‚ role within the relationship‚ and equity
The reliability for the component of affection in our current relationship scale was .73; for relational certainty/security‚ α =.74; for quality of communication‚ α =.78; for conflict resolution‚ α =.71.
پدیدآورندگان هماهنگی درونی بقیه خرده مقیاس ها را کمتر از 0.7 گزارش می کنند. آلفا کرونباخ برای کل ابزار 0.85
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found on pages 29-32 of "The Discrepancy Between Expectations and Reality: Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships"‚ available at:  http://psych.hanover.edu/research/Thesis12/papers/Millar%20Teddar%20Final%20Paper.pdf
نمره گذاری
در هر خرده مقیاس نمره گذاری یکی از گویه ها وارون می شود.
1 = Strongly disagree‚ 7 = Strongly agree
Maintenance behaviors items: 7‚ 16‚ 25‚ 34‚ and 43
Commitment items: 5‚ 14‚ 23‚ 32‚ and 41
Quality of communication items: 6‚ 15‚ 24‚ 33‚ and 42
Conflict resolution items: 8‚ 17‚ 26‚ 35‚ and 44
Self-disclosure items: 1‚ 10‚ 19‚ 28‚ and 37
Affection items: 3‚ 12‚ 21‚ 30‚ and 39
Relational certainty/security items: 4‚ 13‚ 22‚ 31‚ and 40
Role within the relationship items: 9‚ 18‚ 27‚ 36‚ and 45
Equity items: 2‚ 11‚ 20‚ 29‚ and 38
Jessica Miller and Brandi Tedder (2011).The Discrepancy Between Expectations and Reality: Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships. Hanover College.
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