Tulane Factors of Liberalism- Conservatism Scale

Tulane Factors of Liberalism- Conservatism Scale
Kerr‚ 1952  
مقیاس عامل های لیبرالیسم – محافظه کاری
1.    Do congressmen try to do a good job in representing the people?
2.    Are most elected politicians honest?
3.    Should all able adults be permitted to vote?
4.    Is a country harmed by ha‎ving only one recognized political party?
5.    Should all races and creeds have the right to vote?
6.    Should the international world government have the right to overrule decisions of member nations?
7.    Would the country be harmed by being governed permanently by a strong person chosen because of his good standing in some prominent organization?
8.    Should rural and city areas be represented in the government in proportion to their population?
9.    Should you send your opinion on an important issue to your congressman?
10.    Should any special group of citizens have the right to organize and support or oppose candidates for public office?
11.    Would you feel honored at being elected to a public office?
12.    Should local citizens have a voice in solving local problems?
13.    Should every family be guaranteed a minimum standard of living?
14.    In hard times should the government invent jobs for the unemployed?
15.    Should farmers be guaranteed a minimum annual income?
16.    Is old age insurance paid by the government a good idea?
17.    Should employees have the right to organize and bargain for wages?
18.    Should employees have the right to go on strike for higher wages?
19.    Should the government provide medical care for all citizens?
20.    Should the government closely regulate companies which employ thousands of workers?
21.    Should dental service be provided to all citizens at public expense?
22.    Should every capable young person be entitled to vocational training at government expense?
23.    Should all adults be entitled to a month's vacation with pay each year?
24.    Should the government take over the ownership and operation of any national industry?
25.    Do you favor a heavy tax on large incomes?
26.    Can you be psychologically complete without believing in God?
27.    Do you think "God listens to prayers" is a false statement?
28.    Do you think your chances of life after death are equally good by belonging to any one of several similar religious denominations?
29.    Do you think form of worship (music‚ commun‎ion‚ ritual‚ etc.) is unimportant?
30.    Is it proper for a church to maintain social and recreational organizations?
31.    Do you believe that the holy scriptures are not devine?
32.    Is it improper for the church to decide what you can read in your own home?
33.    Do you think any one of the other religions in the world is as good as Christianity?
34.    Do you think it unnecessary to fast on certain days each year?
35.    Do you think it unnecessary to abstain from eating any certain food on any designated day?
36.    Do you believe that church property not used for worship should be taxed?
37.    Do you think stories about miracles happening within the last few hundred years are false?
38.    Do you think any nation's government should oppose establishment of any one church as the favored church of a country?
39.    Is one's marriage likely to be just as successful if one regards the family as something that is not sacred?
40.    Do you enjoy talking with citizens of small towns?
41.    Do you enjoy talking with citizens of large cities?
42.    Do you enjoy talking with rural citizens?
43.    Do you enjoy talking with members of all other races?
44.    Do you believe that all races are equally good?
45.    Do you think that people of all nations are equally good?
46.    Should whites and Negroes be permitted to intermarry?
47.    Have immigrants from southern Europe become good citizens?
48.    Have immigrants from northern Europe become good citizens?
49.    Have oriental immigrants become good citizens?
50.    Have Negroes become good citizens?
51.    Have Jews become good citizens?
The form for the aesthetic liberalism subscale is somewhat modified. The 15 items of this scale are preceded by the question‚ "How much do you like the following?" Alternatives are provided as follows': (a) like it much (b) like it some: (c) don't care; (d) dislike it some; and (e) dislike it much. The scoring procedure is the same as that for the other subscales.
52.    Patriotic music.
53.    Fast dance music.
54.    Hawaiian music.
55.    Popular "hit parade" music.
56.    Humorous and novelty music.
57.    Semi-classical and standard music.
58.    Waltzes.
59.    Polkas and square dances.
60.    Negro spirituals and blues.
61.    Marches.
62.    Classical music.
63.    Hillbilly and western music.
64.    Sacred and religious music.
65.    Greek sculpture.
66.    Paintings by the old ma‎sters.
67.    Realistic paintings of present-day scenes.
68.    Surrealistic imaginative painting.
69.    Primitive pottery.
70.    "Modernistic" architecture.
71.    Colored comic cartoons (newspaper).
72.    Flowers.
73.    Planting flowers and shrubs yourself.
74.    Doing woodwork‚ carving‚ or sewing.
75.    Seeing and hearing birds.
76.    Seeing woods‚ fields‚ and streams.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار برپایه این فرض است که لیبرالیسم – محافظه کاری عملکردی چند عانلی است، قالب های لیبرال یا محافظه کارانه با توجه به زمینه های رفتار یا نگرش در نظر گرفته می شوند.
اعتبار: سایت روان سنجی اطلاعاتی ندارد.
نمره گذاری:
"yes‚" "probably yes‚" "undecided‚" "probably no‚" and "no‚"
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found at: http://arizona.openrepository.com/arizona/bitstream/10150/284376/1/azu_td_5906119_sip1_m.pdf
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