Ways of Coping Questionnaire

Ways of Coping Questionnaire
Halstead et al.1993. Hunter & Boyle. (2004)
پرسشنامه راه های مقابله (بازنگری شده)
1.    Changed or grew as a person in a good way
2.    Learned something positive from the experience
3.    Changed something about yourself so you could deal with the situation better
4.    Made a plan of action and followed it
5.    Changed something so things would turn out alright
6.    Stood up for what you wanted
7.    You knew what had to be done‚ so you tried harder to things work
8.    Tried not to burn your bridges behind you‚ tried to have different possibilities open
9.    Tried not to act too quickly or follow your first hunch
10.    Just took things one step at a time
11.    Came up with a couple of different solutions to the problem
12.    Worked things out to get something good or positive from the situation
13.    Thought about something good that could come out of the whole thing
14.    Accepted the next best thing to what you wanted
15.    Didn’t let strong feelings change what you did
Seeks Social Support
1.    Accepted sympathy and understanding from someone
2.    Let your feelings out somehow
3.    Asked someone you look-up to for advice and followed it
4.    Talked to someone about how you were feeling
5.    Talked to someone to find out more about the problem
6.    Talked to someone who could do something to help with the problem
Wishful Thinking
1.    Wished you felt better about yourself
2.    Wished that you could change what happened
3.    Wished that you could change the way you felt
4.    Wished that the situation would go away or somehow be over with
5.    Hoped a miracle would happen
6.    Daydreamed or imagined a better place than the one you were in
7.    Had fantasies or wishes about how things might turn out
8.    Thought about fantastic or unreal things (like winning the lottery or being a popstar) that made you feel better
9.    Felt bad you could not avoid the problem
10.    Got angry at the people or things that caused the problem
1.    Kept your feelings to yourself
2.    Kept others from knowing how bad things were
3.    Went on as if nothing had happened
4.    Tried to forget the whole thing
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این سیاهه به منظور بررسی راه های مقابله با استرس نزد کودکان طراحی شده است. برپایه  نسخه "فالکمن و لازاروس، 1980" با 68 گزاره، "هالستید و همکاران، 1993" نسخه ای برای نوجوانان طراحی کردند. این نسخه 35 ماده ای را "هانتر و بول، 2004" برای  کودکان 9-14 سال به کار برده اند.
اعتبار: در نسخه "هالستید، 1993" آلفا 0.79 و ثبات درونی آلفا 0.55
Problem-focus (.82)‚ Seeks Social Support (.77)‚ Blamed self (.)‚ Wishful Thinking (.73)‚ Avoidance (.28)
نمره گذاری: به ترتیب در نسخه "هانتر" و نسخه "هالستید"
“Yes”‚ “No”‚ and “Don’t know”.
0 = does not apply and/or not used and 3 = used a great deal
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found at: https://strathprints.strath.ac.uk/1670/ & https://strathprints.strath.ac.uk/1670/1/Hunter_Boyle_BJEP_2004_Accepted.pdf
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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