Environmental Worry

Environmental Worry
Rosemarie Bowler‚ & Ralf Schwarzer‚ 1991
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1.    I get easily upset when thinking about poisons in my environment.
2.    I experience bodily symptoms that may be related to chemicals in my environment at home or at school.
3.    I don´t worry about being hurt by chemicals.
4.    The image of being poisoned often pops into my mind.
5.    I don´t mind living in polluted environments because I am confident that I won´t get hurt.
6.    I feel worried about toxic effects on my body which might result in losing some of my intellectual abilities.
7.    I have never really worried about water pollution.
8.    I wonder whether there is radon or other dangerous substances in my house.
9.    I feel frightened when I think of all the toxic waste dumps in the world.
10.I fear there will be a major nuclear accident or nuclear war in the near future.
11.Many people tend to overreact to the threat of environmental toxins.
12.I would not mind working in an office or plant built with asbestos or other possibly dangerous materials.    
13.I have relaxed about environmental poisons because science always seems to succeed in providing remedies.
14.Poor memory can be a direct result of too much exposure to chemicals.
15.Toxic waste is a smaller problem than the media make it out to be.
16.Being exposed to most chemicals for a long time does not cause serious diseases.
17.People who handle chemicals are not at an increased health risk.
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(1) Not at all true‚ (2) barely true‚ (3) moderately true‚ (4) exactly true
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Bowler‚ R. M.‚ & Schwarzer‚ R. (1991). Environmental anxiety: Assessing emotional distress and concerns after toxin exposure. Anxiety Research‚ 4‚ 167-180.
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