Autism Worries Survey

Autism Worries Survey (AWS) (Parent Version)
Gretchen K. Groh '98 (1998)
مطالعه نگرانی اوتیسم- نسخه والدین
l. He/she might catch autism from his/her sibling.
2. He/she might get punished because of something his/her sibling did.
3. Something he/she did‚ said‚ or thought caused his/her sibling's autism.
4. His/her sibling will hurt him/herself.
5. His/her mom or dad worries too much about his/her sibling.
6. His/her parents don't love him/her as much as they love his/her sibling.
7. His/her family can't do things that other families do because of his/her sibling.
8. Other kids might tease him/her about his/her sibling.
9. His/her sibling will act weird in front of other people.
10. He/she will have to take care of his/her sibling when they are older.
11. He/she might also have autism.
12. His/her sibling will break his/her things.
13. He/she gets angry at his/her sibling too much.
14. His/her sibling will get lost.
15. His/her mom/dad can't handle his/her sibling's problems.
16. He/she doesn't get enough attention from his/her parents because his/her sibling needs so much of their attention.
17. He/she can't talk to his/her parents about his/her sibling's autism.
18. He/she doesn't have very many friends because his/her sibling has autism.
19. People say bad things about his/her sibling.
20. His/her sibling will never be able to have a job when he/she is older.
2l. He/she is going to eventually get autism
22. His/her sibling will hurt him/her.
23. Something bad will happen to his/her sibling while he/she is taking care of them.
24. His/her sibling's teachers don't take care of them as well as they should.
25. If his/her parents knew how he/she really feels about his/her sibling‚ they would be upset.
26. His/her parents spend too much money on his/her sibling and there won't be enough left for him/her.
27. His/her family fights too much about his/her sibling
28. He/she can't talk to his/her friends about his/her sibling.
29. His/her sibling will misbehave in a public place.
30. If he/she has children when he/she grows up‚ the children might have autism.
31. If his/her sibling somehow got well‚ he/she might get sick.
32. His/her sibling will hurt someone else.
33. He/she has to do more chores around the house because his/her sibling has autism.
34. Something bad might happen to his/her sibling.
35. He/she has to take care of his/her mom or dad a lot.
36. His/her parents don't spend enough time with him/her because they are busy with his/her sibling
37. His/her sibling will mess up their family's- plans.
38. If he/she have friends come over‚ his/her sibling will do something embarrassing.
39. He/she has to do extra well in school to make up for what his/her sibling cannot do.
40. His/her extended family members don't really understand his/her sibling.
4l. He/she isn't nice enough to his/her sibling.
42. Other kids think he/she is weird because of his/her sibling.
43. People stare at his/her sibling.
44. His/her sibling will not be able to live on his/her own when he/she is older.
45. Other kids think his/her sibling is weird.
46. His/her sibling will embarrass him/her in public.
47. His/her sibling's autism might be a punishment from God.
48. If kids at his/her school knew about his/her brother/sister‚ the kids would think. or say bad things.
49. His/her brother/sister won't ever talk or won't talk much.
50. His/her brother/sister has too many bad habits.
51. He/she doesn't understand what his/her brother/sister feels.
52. His/her brother/sister might get worse.
53. That they might do something to set their brother/sister off.
54. He/she can't figure out what is wrong when his/her brother/sister is upset.
55. He/she doesn't know what his/her brother/sister wants.
56. His/her brother/sister can't explain what is wrong with him/her.
57. He/she has to be extra careful around his/her brother/sister.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار دارای نسخه کودکان نیز هست . برای مشاهده به لینک دستیابی مراجعه کنید.
Autism Misunderstandings (7 items‚ child alpha=.34 parent alpha=.78)
Danger from Sibling (4 items‚ child alpha=.55 parent alpha=.65)
Increased Responsibility (6 items; child alpha=.57 parent alpha=.61)
Sibling's Well- being (8 items; child alpha=.76 parent alpha=.74)
Communication (5 items; child alpha=.76 parent alpha=.79)
Parental Resources ( 4 items; child alpha=.93 parent alpha=.66)
Family Interaction ( 8 items; child alpha=.74 parent alpha=.75)
Peers (7 items; child alpha=.70 parent alpha=.83)
Public (4 items; child alpha=.66 parent alpha=.80)
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found on pages 44-46 of “Parent-report vs. Child-report of Specific Anxiety in Siblings of Children with Autism: Do Parents Know What Their Children Worry About?”‚ available online at:
نمره گذاری:
1=doesn't worry‚ 2=worries just a little bit‚ 3=kind of worries‚ 4=really worries‚ d/k= don't know
Groh '98‚ Gretchen K.‚ "Parent-report vs. Child-report of Specific Anxiety in Siblings of Children with Autism: Do Parents Know What Their Children Worry About?" (1998). Illinois Wesleyan University. Honors Projects. Paper 83.
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