Short Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability scale

Short Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability scale
Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale-‎-Short Form-‎-1(10)
M-C 1(10)
shortened Marlowe–Crowne social desirability scale (M–C (20))
Strahan & Gerbasi‚ 1972
آزمون آمایه جامعه پسندی – فرم کوتاه
1.    I’m always willing to admit it when I make a mistake.
2.    I always try to practice what I preach.
3.    I never resent being asked to return a favour.
4.    I have never been irked when people expressed ideas very different from my own.
5.    I have never deliberately said something that hurt someone’s feelings
6.    I like to gossip at times.
7.    There have been occasions when I took advantage of someone.
8.    I sometimes try to get even rather than forgive and forget.
9.    At times I have really insisted on ha‎ving things my own way.
10.There have been occasions when I felt like smashing things.
11.I never hesitate to go out of my way to help someone in trouble.
12.I have never intensely disliked anyone.
13.When I don’t know something I don’t at all mind admitting it.
14.I am always courteous‚ even to people who are disagreeable.
15.I would never think of letting someone else be punished for my wrong doings.
16.I sometimes feel resentful when I don’t get my way.
17.There have been times when I felt like rebelling against people in authority even though I knew they were right.
18.I can remember “playing sick” to get out of something
19.There have been times when I was quite jealous of the good fortune of others.
20.I am sometimes irritated by people who ask favors of me.
سایت روان سنجی : رویکرد افراد به خود و ارزیابی شرایط اجتماعی و مفهوم آن را اندازه گیری می کند. ترجمه این آزمون با عنوان "آزمون آمایه پاسخ جامعه پسندی" در بخش آزمون ها / شناخت خود 1 وجود دارد.در سال 1972 " استرهان و گرباس" با تحلیل مولفه های اصلی دو عامل را در آزمون "مارلو- کراون" شناسایی و آنها را x1 و x2 نام گذاری کردند. ترکیب آن 20 گویه xx نامیده می شود.
همچنین ببینید:
Kuder-Rich‎ardson reliability coefficients for the M-C 2 were 0.62 in a sample of male students and 0.75 in a sample of female students (Strahan & Gerbasi‚1972)
The scale has alpha reliability coefficients of .70 with college males and .66 with college females (Strahan & Gerbasi 1972).
نمره گذاری:
True‚ False
Items 6-10 are reverse-coded
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Strahan‚ R.‚ & Gerbasi‚ K. C. (1972). Short‚ homogeneous versions of the Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale. Journal of Clinical Psychology‚ 28(2)‚ 191-193.
Kielpikowski‚ Magdalena Maria. (2011). Family Dynamics and Children's Outcomes: the Role of Silent Interparental Conflict. Victoria University of Wellington. Doctoral thesis
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