Guilford–Zimmerman Temperament Survey

Guilford–Zimmerman Temperament Survey
Guilford & Zimmerman‚ 1949
مطالعه خلق و خوی گیلفورد- زیمرمن
Thoughtfulness Scale;
Please put a check in the appropriate space for each item. Yes ? No
1.      You start to work on a new project with a great deal of enthusiasm
2.      You would rather plan an activity than take part in it.
3.      You have more than once taken the lead In organizing a project or a group of some kind.
4.      You like to entertain guests.
5.      Your Interests change quickly from one thing to another.
6.      When you eat meal with others‚ you are usually one of the last to finish.
7.      You believe in the idea that we should "eat‚ drink‚ and be merry‚ for tomorrow we die". 
8.      When you find that something you have bought is defective‚ you hesitate to demand an exchange or a refund.
9.      You find it easy to make new acquaintances.
10.   You are sometimes bubbling over with energy and sometimes very sluggish.
11.   You are happiest when you get involved in some project that calls for rapid action.
12.   Other people think of you as being very serious minded.
13.   In being thrown by chance with a stranger‚ you wait for him to Introduce himself.
14.   You like to take part in many social activities.
15.   You sometimes feel "just miserable" for no good reason at all.
16.   You are often so much "on the go" that sooner or later you may wear yourself out.
17.   You like parties you attend to be lively.
18.   If you hold an opinion that is radically different from that expressed by a lecturer‚ you are likely to tell him about it either during or after the lecture.
19.   It is difficult for you to chat about things in general with people.
20.   You give little thought to your failures after they are past.
21.   You often wonder where others get all the excess energy they seem to have.
22.   You are inclined to stop to think things over before you act.
23.   You avoid arguing over a price with a clerk or salesman.
24.   You would dislike very much to work alone In some Isolated place.
25.   You often find It difficult to go to sleep at night because you keep thinking of what happened during the day.
26.   You find yourself hurrying to get places even when there is plenty of time.
27.   You like work that requires considerable attention to details.
28.   You are satisfied to let soma one else take the lead in group activities.
29.   You enjoy getting acquainted with people.
30.   It takes a lot to get you emotionally stirred up or excited.
31.   You work more slowly and deliberately than most people of your sex and age.
32.   You are a carefree individual.
33.   When a person does not play fair you hesitate to say anything about it to him.
34.   It bothers you to have people watch you at work.
35.   You have usually been optimistic about your future.
36.   You like to have plenty of time to stop and rest.
37.   You take life very seriously.
38.   You enjoy applying for a job in person.
39.   You would like to be a host or hostess for parties at a club.
40.   You often feel grouchy.
41.   You are the kind of person who is "on the go" all the time.
42.   You often crave excitement.
43.   The thought of making a speech frightens you.
44.   You find it easy to start conversation with strangers.
45.   You often feel guilty without a very good reason for it.
46.   People think you are a very energetic person.
47.   You sometimes make quick decisions that you later wish you hadn't made.
48.   You find it difficult to ask people for money or other donations‚ even for a cause in which you interested.
49.   You are' so naturally friendly that people immediately feel at ease with you.
50.   You au daydream a great deal.
51.   You are quick in your actions.
52.   You have a habit of starting things and then losing interest in them.
53.   When you were child‚ many of your playmates naturally expected you to be the leader.
54.   You sometimes avoid social contacts for fear of doing or saying the wrong thing.
55.   You have frequent ups and downs in mood‚ sometimes with and sometimes without apparent cause.
56.    You always seem to have plenty of vigor and vitality.
57.   It difficult for you to understand people who get very concerned about things.
58.   when a clerk in a store waits on others who should come after you‚ you call his attention to the fact.
59.   You would be very unhappy if you were prevented from making numerous social contacts.
60.   There are times when your future looks very dark.
61.   You sometimes wish that people would slow down a bit and give you a chance to catch up.
62.   Man y of your friends think you take your work too seriously.
63.   You hesitate to walk into a meeting when you know that everyone's eyes will be upon you.
64.   You limit your friendships mostly to members of your own sex.
65.   You almost always feel well and strong.
66.   You seem to lack the drive necessary to get as much done as other people do.
67.   You make decisions on the spur of the moment.
68.   You are rather good at bluffing when you find yourself in difficulty.
69.   After being introduced to someone‚ you just cannot think of things to say to make good conversation.
70.   You feel lonesome even when with other people.
71.   You are able to work for unusually long hours without feeling tired.
72.   You often act on the first thought that comes into your head.
73.   It the scene of an accident‚ you take an active part in helping out.
74.   You have difficulty in making new friends.
75.   Your mood often changes from happiness to sadness‚ or vice versa‚ without your knowing why.
76.   You talk more slowly than most people.
77.   You like to play practical jokes upon others.
78.   You take the lead in putting life into a dull party.
79.    You would like to belong to as many clubs and social organizations as possible.
80.   There are times when your mind seems to work very slowly and other times when it works very rapidly.
81.   You like to do things slowly and deliberately.
82.   You are a happy-go-lucky individual.
83.   When you are served stale or inferior food in a restaurant‚ you say nothing about it.
84.   You would rather apply for a job by writing a letter than by going through with a personal interview.
85.   You are often in low spirits.
86.   You are inclined to rush from one activity to another without pausing enough for rest.
87.   You are so concerned about the future that you do not get as much fun out of the present as you might.
88.   When you are attracted to a person whom you have not met‚ you make an active attempt to get acquainted even though It may be quite difficult.
89.   You are inclined to limit your acquaintances to a se‎lect few.
90.   You seldom give your past mistakes a second thought.
91.   You are less energetic Than many people you know.
92.   You often stop to analyze your thoughts and feelings.
93.   You speak out in meetings to oppose those who you feel sure are wrong.
94.   You are so shy it bothers you.
95.   You are sometimes bothered by ha‎ving a useless thought come into your mind over and over.
96.   You get things done in a hurry.
97.   It is difficult for you to understand how some people can be so unconcerned about the future.
98.   You like to sell things (that is‚ to act as a salesman).
99.   You are often the "life of the party".
100.                You find daydreaming very enjoyable.
101.                At work or at play other people find it hard to keep up with the pace you set.
102.                You can listen to a lecture without feeling restless.
103.                You would rather work for a good boss than for yourself.
104.                You can express yourself more easily in speech than in writing.
105.                You keep in fairly uniform spirits.
106.                 You dislike to be hurried in your work.
107.                You sometimes find yourself "crossing bridges before you come to them".
108.                You find it somewhat difficult to say "no" to a salesman who tries to sell you something you do not really want.
109.                There are only a few friends with whom you can relax and have a good time.
110.                You usually keep cheerful in spite of trouble.
111.                 People sometimes tell you to "slow down" or "take it easy".
112.                You are one of those who drink or smoke more than they know they should.
113.                When you think you recognize someone you see in a public place‚ you ask him whether you have met him before.
114.                You prefer to work alone.
115.                Disappointments affect you so little that you seldom think about them twice.
116.                You are slow and deliberate in movement.
117.                You like wild enthusiasm‚ sometimes to a point bordering on rowdyism‚ at a football or baseball game.
118.                You feel self-conscious in the presence of important people.
119.                People think of you as being a very social type of person.
120.                You have often los\ sleep over your worries.
121.                You can turn out a large amount of work in a short time.
122.                You keep at a task until it is done‚ even after nearly everyone else has given up.
123.                You can think of a good excuse when you need one.
124.                Other people say that it is difficult to get to know you well.
125.                Your daydreams are often about things that can never come true.
126.                You often run upstairs taking two steps at a time.
127.                You seldom let your responsibilities interfere with your ha‎ving a good time.
128.                You would like to take on important responsibilities such as organizing a new business.
129.                You have hesitated to make or to accept "dates" because of shyness.
130.                Your mood is very easily influenced by people around you.
131.                Others are often amazed on the amount of work you turn out.
132.                You generally feel as though you haven't a care in the world.
133.                You find it difficult to get rid of a salesman to whom you do not care to listen or give your time.
134.                You are a listener rather than a talker in social conversations.
135.                 You almost always feel that life is very much worth living.
136.                 It irritates you to have to wail at a crossing for a long freight train to pass.
137.                 You usually say what you feel like saying at the moment.
138.                 You like to speak in public.
139.                 You like to be with people.
140.                You generally keep cool and think clearly in exciting situations.
141.                Other people regard you as a lively individual.
142.                When you get angry‚ if you let yourself go you feel better.
143.                You seek to avoid all trouble with other people.
144.                People seem to enjoy being with you.
145.                You sometimes feel listless and tired for no good reason.
146.                 It is hard to understand why many people are so slow and get so little done.
147.                 You are fond of betting on horse races and games‚ whether you can afford it or nol.
148.                 If someone you know has been spreading untrue and bad stories about you‚ you see him as soon as possible and have a talk about it.
149.                 Shyness keeps you from being as popular as you should be.
150.                 You are generally free from worry about possible misfortunes.
151.                 You nearly always receive all the credit that is coming to you for things you do.
152.                 You would like to tell certain people a thing or two.
153.                 You would rather spend an evening reading at home than to attend a large party.
154.                 You would change a lot of things about human nature if you could have your way about it.
155.                 You would like to go hunting with a rifle for wild game.
156.                 In group activities you get your full share of everything.
157.                 In most cases it is important to get what you want even if you have to light to get it.
158.                 You often try to analyze the motives of others.
159.                 Most public office holders generally put public interests ahead of their own.
160.                 The sight of blood frightens you.
161.                 People talk about you behind your back.
162.                 Money is important mostly because it gives its owner power.
163.                 It is easy for you to act naturally wherever you are.
164.                 Most people are stupid.
165.                 You feel deeply sorry fat a bird with a broken wing.
166.                 Other people often blame you for things you didn't do.
167.                 You hate to lose in a contest.
168.                 You like a job that requires attention to many details.
169.                 Most people fulfill their duties even when not being watched.
170.                 You can look at snakes without shuddering.
171.                 You often become bored when the subject of conversation shifts away from your own experience‚ hobbies‚ or interests.
172.                 You hate to lose an argument even when the issue is not very important.
173.                 You are usually too busy to spend time in reflective thought.
174.                 Most people know what to do without being told.
175.                 When a parent‚ teacher‚ or boss scolds you‚ you feel like weeping.
176.                 You are touchy about something.
177.                 You know someone whom you would particularly like to see "put in his (or her) place".
178.                 You are more interested in athletics than in intellectual things.
179.                 Most people are paid as well as they should be for what they contribute to society.
180.                 The idea of finding a bug or a worm crawling on you makes you shudder.
181.                 You often feel that one of the main ch‎aracters in a movie or a play is like you.
182.                 You hesitate to tell people to mind their own business.
183.                You make it a policy to evaluate your past actions carefully.
184.                 In most places the traffic laws are in great need of improvement.
185.                 You would rather study mathematics and science than literature and music.
186.                 You get into scrapes which you did not seek to stir up.
187.                 You resent ha‎ving friends or members of your family give you orders.
188.                 You are philosophically inclined‚ that is‚ inclined to philosophize about things.
189.                 Most people keep to the "straight and narrow path" only because of the fear of being caught.
190.                 You specially dislike to get your hands dirty or greasy.
191.                 You are inclined to think about yourself much of the time.
192.                 You have frequently felt like telling "nosey" people to mind their own business.
193.                 You are frequently "lost in thought".
194.                 Far too many people try to take as much as they can and give as little as possible back to society.
195.                 You like to read true stories about love and romance.
196.                 You get over a humiliating experience very quickly.
197.                 In group undertakings you almost always feel that your own plans are best.
198.                 You like to discuss the more serious questions of life with your friends.
199.                 Most people today try to do an honest day's work for a day's pay.
200.                 You pay little attention to styles in clothing.
201.                 Almost everything that happens seems to have some relationship to you.
202.                 When people become bossy or domineering‚ you want to do the opposite of everything they tell you to do.
203.                 You often would like to know the underlying reasons behind the actions of other people.
204.                 There are far too many useless laws which hamper an individual's personal freedom.
205.                 You would rather be a forest ranger than a dress designer.
206.                 Certain people deliberately say or do things to annoy you.
207.                 Some people become so rude that you feel the urge to "sit on them" or to "tell them off".
208.                 You sometimes have a peculiar feeling that you are not your old self.
209.                 Most people who get ahead today do so because they have "pull"
210.                 The sound of foul language disgusts you.
211.                 There are many kinds of work that you would not think of doing because they are not good enough for you.
212.                 You get into fights or arguments in defense of your friends or members of your family.
213.                 You enjoy thinking out complicated problems.
214.                 Most people learn quickly to aV9id making the same mistake twice.
215.                 You are only mildly disturbed when you see or hear of animals being treated cruelly.
216.                 People offend you without knowing it because you hide your feelings from them.
217.                 You get a lot of satisfaction from making other people do as you want them to.
218.                 You often take time out just to meditate about things.
219.                 You have received about all the rewards in life that you deserve.
220.                 You would rather be an interior decorator than an architectural engineer.
221.                 You have felt that certain persons are secretly trying to get the better of you.
222.                 You are likely to talk back to a policeman or other person in authority over you if you feel like it.
223.                 You find it very interesting to watch people to see what they will do.
224.                 The number of "two-faced" individuals you have known is actually very small.
225.                 You feel very badly if someone does not approve of what you are wearing.
226.                 You very often seek the advice of other people.
227.                 When someone is not playing fair‚ you like to see him beaten at his own game.
228.                You are constantly alert to ways of improving yourself.
229.                 Most groups of people behave like a bunch of sheep‚ that is‚ they blindly follow a leader.
230.                 You would rather go to an athletic event than to a dance.
231.                 It is difficult to hurt your feelings.
232.                 Anyone trying to take away any of your lawful rights will have a real fight on his hands with you personally.
233.                 You are inclined to steer clear of complicated problems that call for thinking.
234.                 In general‚ people higher up tend to assume their share of the dirty work‚ not leaving it for hers to do.
235.                 The sight of ragged or soiled fingernails is repulsive to you.
236.                 There have been times when you have been bothered by the idea that someone is reading your thoughts.
237.                 It pays to "turn the other cheek" rather than to start a fight.
238.                 You try to sense what people are thinking about as they talk to you.
239.                 You have had your share of good luck.
240.                 You feel deeply sorry for a mistreated horse.
241.                 You have been seriously slighted more than once.
242.                 When you resent the actions of anyone‚ you promptly tell him so.
243.                 After a critical moment is over‚ you usually think of something you should have done but didn't do.
244.                 You want a thing done right. you must do it yourself.
245.                 You can handle a loaded gun without feeling at all jittery.
246.                 Other people too often take the credit for things you yourself have done.
247.                 You know or have known someone personally whom you would like to see behind prison bars.
248.                 You are much concerned over the morals of your generation.
249.                 Large business corporations are a good thing.
250.                 You cry rather easily.
251.                 When things go wrong‚ It upsets you very little.
252.                 You see to it that people do not take advantage of you.
253.                 You are inclined to ponder over your past.
254.                 Some people pay more attention to your comings and goings than they should.
255.                 The sight of large bugs and spiders gives you a "creepy" feeling.
256.                 You often feel that a speaker is talking about you personally.
257.                 You are unhappy unless things in an organization go pretty much as you want them to.
258.                 You enjoy analyzing your own thoughts and feelings.
259.                 Most people use politeness to cover up what is really "cut-throat" competition.
260.                 You would rather be a building contractor than a nurse.
261.                 You have days in which it seems that everything goes wrong.
262.                 You feel the urge to stir up some excitement when things become dull.
263.                 You would rather put plans into action than to spend time working them out.
264.                 The educational system in this country is all right in most ways.
265.                 You feel sorry for a fish that is caught on a hook.
266.                 You often unburden your troubles to others.
267.                 You would like to have enough money or power in order to impress people who think they are better than you are.
268.                 You frequently find yourself in a meditative stale.
269.                 People today have just about as many chances for success as in your parents' day.
270.                 You feel strongly against kissing a friend of your own sex and age.
271.                 You are too sensitive for your own good.
272.                 You have often found it necessary to fight for what you believe to be right.
273.                 You often watch others to see what effects your words or actions have upon them.
274.                 Most people are ou.t to get more than they give.
275.                 You are willing to take a chance alone in a situation where the outcome is doubtful.
276.                 People have criticized you unjustly to others.
277.                 The opinions of most people are worthless.
278.                 You are inclined to be introspective‚ that is‚ to analyze yourself.
279.                 Almost anyone‚ even though poor‚ can get a square deal in courts of law.
280.                 You would rather be a miner than a florist.
281.                 It is difficult for you to become interested in the problems of others when you have so many of your own.
282.                 It bothers you to have other people tell you what you should do.
283.                 You often wonder about why human life exists and what its future is.
284.                 Some people deliberately make things hard for you.
285.                 Odors of perspiration disgust you.
286.                 Criticism disturbs you very little.
287.                 It bothers you to see someone else bungling a job that you know perfectly well how to manage.
288.                 You are inclined to live in the present‚ leaving the past and the future out of your thoughts.
289.                 Most people will tell a lie now and then in order to get ahead.
290.                 The sight of an unshaven man disgusts you.
291.                 When you lose something you often begin to suspect someone of either ha‎ving taken it or ha‎ving misplaced it.
292.                 There are some people whose actions seem continually to irritate you.
293.                 You like to have time to be alone with your thoughts.
294.                 There are entirely too many employees who deserve higher pay than their bosses.
295.                 You like love scenes in a movie or play.
296.                 There are times when it seems that everyone is against you.
297.                 If anyone steps ahead of you in line‚ he is likely to hear from you about it.
298.                 You often wonder why people behave as they do.
299.                 Nearly all people try to do the right thing when given a chance.
300.                 When you become emotional you come to the point of tears.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: گیلفورد از پیشگامان ابزار سازی بر پایه تحلیل عاملی است. این ابزار که برای سنجش خلق و خو به پدید آمده دارای ده خرده مقیاس: کنشوری عمومی، خویشتن داری، سلطه گری، مردم آمیزی (جامعه پذیری)، استواری هیجانی، عینیت گرایی،دوستی، خردورزی، روابط شخصی و نرینگی است. بعدها دو خرده مقیاس میزان تحریف و بی دقتی- انحراف به آن افزوده شد.
فرم کوتاه این ابزار توسط شکوه السادات بنی جمال، غلامرضا نفیسی و سیده منور یزدی با عنوان "آزمون خصوصیات خلقی گیلفورد زیمرمن (اعتباریابی – تهیه فرم کوتاه)" در دومین کنگره روان شناسی بالینی ایران، اردیبهشت سال 1381 معرفی شد.
General Activity (G)‚ Restraint (R)‚ Ascendance (A)‚ Sociability (S)‚ Emotional Stability (E)‚ Objectivity (O)‚ Friendliness (F)‚ Thoughtfulness (T)‚ Personal Relations (P)‚ Masculinity (M)‚ Falsification (F)‚ carelessness-deviancy
اعتبار: گلیفورد و همکاران، 1976، هماهنگی درونی را در دامنه 0.75 تا 0.87 کرده اند.
نمره گذاری: ابزار بر پایه مقیاس T میانگین 50 و انحراف معیار 10 ، بررسی و تفسیر می شود.
چگونگی دستیابی
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