Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety

Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA)
McCroskey‚ 1970
اضطراب سخنرانی در جمع
1.    While preparing for giving a speech‚ I feel tense and nervous.
2.    I feel tense when I see the words “speech” and “public speech” on a course outline when studying.
3.    My thoughts become confused and jumbled when I am giving a speech.
4.    Right after giving a speech I feel that I have had a pleasant experience.
5.    I get anxious when I think about a speech coming up.
6.    I have no fear of giving a speech.
7.    Although I am nervous just before starting a speech‚ I soon settle down after starting and feel calm and comfortable.
8.    I look forward to giving a speech.
9.    When the instructor announces a speaking assignment in class‚ I can feel myself getting tense.
10.My hands tremble when I am giving a speech.
11.I feel relaxed while giving a speech.
12.I enjoy preparing for a speech.
13.I am in constant fear of forgetting what I prepared to say.
14.I get anxious if someone asks me something about my topic that I don’t know.
15.I face the prospect of giving a speech with confidence.
16.I feel that I am in complete possession of myself while giving a speech.
17.My mind is clear when giving a speech.
18.I do not dread giving a speech.
19.I perspire just before starting a speech.
20.My heart beats very fast just as I start a speech.
21.I experience considerable anxiety while sitting in the room just before my speech starts.
22.Certain parts of my body feel very tense and rigid while giving a speech.
23.Realizing that only a little time remains in a speech makes me very tense and anxious.
24.While giving a speech‚ I know I can control my feelings of tension and stress.
25.I breathe faster just before starting a speech.
26.I feel comfortable and relaxed in the hour or so just before giving a speech.
27.I do poorer on speeches because I am anxious.
28.I feel anxious when the teacher announces the date of a speaking assignment.
29.When I make a mistake while giving a speech‚ I find it hard to concentrate on the parts that follow.
30.During an important speech I experience a feeling of helplessness building up inside me.
31.I have trouble falling asleep the night before a speech.
32.My heart beats very fast while I present a speech.
33.I feel anxious while waiting to give my speech.
34.While giving a speech‚ I get so nervous I forget facts I really know.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار اضطراب سخن گفتن در جمع را در بر دارد.
اعتبار: آلفا کرونباخ 0.90
نمره گذاری
Strongly Disagree = 1; Disagree = 2; Neutral = 3; Agree = 4; Strongly Agree = 5.
Scoring: To determine your score on the PRPSA‚ complete the following steps:
Step 1. Add scores for items 1‚ 2‚ 3‚ 5‚ 9‚ 10‚ 13‚ 14‚ 19‚ 20‚ 21‚ 22‚ 23‚ 25‚ 27‚ 28‚ 29‚ 30‚ 31‚ 32‚ 33‚ and 34
Step 2. Add the scores for items 4‚ 6‚ 7‚ 8‚ 11‚ 12‚ 15‚ 16‚ 17‚ 18‚ 24‚ and 26
Step 3. Complete the following formula:
PRPSA = 72 - Total from Step 2 + Total from Step 1
 Your score should be between 34 and 170. If your score is below 34 or above 170‚ you have made a mistake in computing the score.
High = > 131
Low = < 98
Moderate = 98-131
Mean = 114.6; SD = 17.2
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McCroskey‚ J. C. (1970) . Measures of communication-bound anxiety. Speech Monographs‚ 37‚ 269-277.