Enneagram of Personality Scales

Enneagram of Personality Scales
مقیاس های شخصیت نه گانه (انیاگرام)
1-Disagree‚2 ‚ 3- Neutral‚ 4‚ 5- Agree
1.    I am always thinking about how I could have done something better.
2.    I have difficulty saying "no".
3.    I work hard.
4.    I really enjoy feeling bitter sweet.
5.    I spend hours alone with my hobbies.
6.    I am loyal.
7.    I always try to break the tension with a good joke.
8.    I know what is right and what is wrong.
9.    When other people are arguing‚ I leave the room.
10.Part of me criticizes everything I do.
11.I am very accepting and flexible.
12.I strive for efficiency.
13.I cry.
14.I spend so much time planning I run out of energy for the doing.
15.I put family first.
16.I can keep a conversation going with anyone about anything.
17.Fear of being taken advantage of keeps me from being more trusting. 
18.I can have difficulty making choices‚ all options just seem so good.     
19.I am critical of people who do not take responsibility for their own lives.       
20.I sometimes feel as if everything I do is taken for granted.
21.I put work first.
22.I can be moved by news stories.
23.I am curious about everything.
24.I am annoyed by how most people are not as responsible as me.
25.I can see a use for most things people think are junk.
26.I want people to tell me the truth‚ not spare my feelings.
27.I want to feel one with nature.
28.I often have to redo other peoples work.
29.People always seem to want to tell me their secrets.
30.I hate incompetent people.
31.My intuition is good guide.
32.I must always be ha‎ving new experiences.
33.I get input from others before I make a decision.
34.I like mental challenges.
35.I naturally emerge as a leader.
36.I avoid confrontation.        
37.I keep my belongings in order.
38.I get lots of satisfaction from helping others achieve their goals.
39.Money is important to my happiness.      
40.I daydream about being in love.
41.I have a hard time showing emotions.
42.I prefer it when leaders are decisive.        
43.I do not like it when people expect me to be great‚ even if I want to be.       
44.I like a conversation where no one agrees.
45.I like listening to people talk about their problems.
46.I am a perfectionist.
47.I like it when people come to me for guidance.
48.I step forward when a leader is needed.
49.I can feel overcome with wonder in nature.
50.I spend most of my time trying to understand things.
51.It is good to wake up to a full day of planned activities.
52.I am uninhibited.
53.I side with the rebels over the establishment.
54.I keep my thoughts to myself‚ to prevent trouble.
55.I pay careful attention to details.
56.My relationships with others are what my life is about.
57.I like to stand out.
58.My unique perspective on life helps cheer other people up.      
59.I try and hide the fact that I am sensitive.
60.I'd take a stiff jail sentence over ratting on a friend.       
61.I love to travel.
62.I do not conform.
63.I hate war.
نسخه ای دیگر
Enneagram Test with Instinctual Variant results
se‎lect how your personality is‚ as compared to most people.
Think of how you've been over a long period of time‚ try not to go by your mood of the moment.
It's also important to be as honest as possible; try not to enter how you wish you'd be‚ but how you actually are.
low energy * * * * * * *energetic
focus on myself * * * * * * * focus on others
easily distracted * * * * * * * diligent
even tempered * * * * * * * temperamental
passive * * * * * * * dynamic
self-accepting * * * * * * * self-critical
relaxed * * * * * * * anxious
ordinary * * * * * * * different
not much commited * * * * * * * loyal
go along with others * * * * * * * strong-willed
dispassionate * * * * * * * passionate
modest * * * * * * * ambitious
adventurous * * * * * * * cautious
decisive * * * * * * * indecisive
pleasure-seeking * * * * * * * dutiful
stingy * * * * * * * generous
indifferent to politics * * * * * * * strong political opinions
trouble saying "no" * * * * * * * say "no" easily
don't care about success * * * * * * * need to be successful
pessimistic * * * * * * * optimistic
private * * * * * * * open
reluctant * * * * * * * enthusiastic
not sociable * * * * * * * sociable
accepting * * * * * * * perfectionistic
deliberating * * * * * * * spontaneous
uncritical * * * * * * * meticulous
ever relying on others * * * * * * * independent
open * * * * * * * reserved
pragmatic * * * * * * * idealistic
ignoring feelings * * * * * * * go by feelings
careless * * * * * * * responsible
nonchalant * * * * * * * apprehensive
not showing emotions * * * * * * * emotionally expressive
go towards people * * * * * * * withdraw from people
seldom feeling guilty * * * * * * * often feeling guilty
teams and groups person * * * * * * * individualistic
treating everyone as equals * * * * * * * domineering
suspicious * * * * * * * trusting
confident * * * * * * * insecure
timid * * * * * * * assertive
not competitive * * * * * * * competitive
avoiding conflicts * * * * * * * confrontational
wishing well * * * * * * * envious
obtrusive * * * * * * * shy
indifferent * * * * * * * caring
aloof * * * * * * * warm
rule breaking * * * * * * * rule abiding
leave people to their own devices * * * * * * * help people
undemanding * * * * * * * demanding
undisciplined * * * * * * * disciplined
tactless * * * * * * * diplomatic
tolerant * * * * * * * critical
نسخه ای دیگر
Honestly grade each statement: "Yes" for "Yes‚ this is really me!"‚ "Partly" for "This is partly how I am" and "No" for "This is probably not how I am". (If you don't know whether it applies‚ it's usually best to check "No".)
1.    Success‚ prestige and recognition really matter to me.
2.    I tend to trust most people.
3.    I often refrain from acting‚ as I'm afraid of being overwhelmed.
4.    I love to take care of people and I'm good at it.
5.    I am too strict with myself and others.
6.    I am more sensitive than most people; sometimes the world just seems too harsh.
7.    I don't get depressed easily‚ if at all.
8.    I plan the next adventure before the current one is finished.
9.    I want to win the approval of those in authority‚ sometimes even when I don't really like them.
10.I'm pretty domineering.
11.I am skeptical‚ suspicious and doubtful.
12.I could probably use a little more ambition.
13.I am uncomfortable when people want an emotional response from me.
14.It's important to me that I be admired by others - and many people do admire me.
15.I don't see much point in wallowing in negative emotions. When I begin to feel anxious‚ I tend to throw myself into distracting activities.
16.In most close relationships‚ I give more than I take.
17.It's hard for me to put my feelings aside‚ even to get a job done.
18.I am always aware of what needs to be corrected.
19.I avoid expressing strong emotions.
20.I don't mind taking a risk; I really like to beat the odds.
21.Your happiness and your feelings are your responsibility‚ t mine.
22.Personal relationships are by far the most important thing in my life.
23.I'm a true romantic.
24.It's easy for me to accept other people‚ and they seem comfortable around me because I don't judge them.
25.For better or worse‚ I compare myself to others to assess how I'm doing.
26.I am more organized than most.
27.Even though it is frequently irrational‚ I sometimes worry whether people are talking about me behind my back.
28.I want to observe and think‚ without giving myself away‚ before I go into action.
29.I'm quite unobtrusive and easy to get along with.
30.I am a good networker; I know how to make connections.
31.I am more formal than most people.
32.I am highly individualistic.
33.Rules annoy me.
34.I get bored more easily than most people; I am always looking for new experiences.
35.While I am very loyal myself‚ I frequently worry that others are not going to be loyal to me.
36.I am more loving than most people.
37.I don't like commitment. Who wants to be locked into something‚ especially if something better presents itself?
38.I am more temperamental than most but it's because my feelings are so strong.
39.I go along with what others want unless I have a very strong desire of my own‚ which I usually don't.
40.I often resent it when I see people doing a slack job.
41.I come on pretty strong and can sometimes intimidate people.
42.People are attracted to me because I impress them.
43.Nobody likes to be intruded upon‚ but I hate it!
44.I am attuned to anything that might be dangerous and I am security conscious.
45.I try to get closer to people by being generous with my time and energy.
46.I am competitive and ambitious‚ but I do not think of myself as cut throat.
47.When making a decision‚ I often ask myself "which option will yield the maximum enjoyment?".
48.If I'm not careful‚ I can get too isolated from others.
49.I am drawn to emotional intensity and am not afraid to explore the depths.
50.It's important to me to feel as though I "belong."
51.I see life as a struggle that I intend to win.
52.I tend to avoid conflict.
53.Sometimes I have overextended myself in trying to help people.
54.I am meticulous and fastidious‚ even about details that other people find minor.
55.It's strange but I think that there is something beautiful about sadness.
56.No one would ever call me selfish!
57.To deal with the fear I always have‚ I'm as nice and warm as possible towards everyone.
58.I hold a tight rein on my temper.
59.I don't tend to over commit myself - I have a limited amount of time and energy.
60.I welcome a good fight as it clears the air.
61.I'm a big procrastinator.
62.It's really hard for me to save money as I tend to spend beyond my limits.
63.It would be the worst thing to be seen by others as a loser.
64.I want to be noticed but it also makes me uncomfortable.
65.I'm constantly on the lookout for things that might go wrong.
66.I accumulate lots of knowledge to counteract my lack of self-confidence.
67.I am good at getting things done.
68.I almost never lose control of myself.
69.Usually I just focus on the positive sides of people‚ as focussing on negative traits or events does not help making relationships more harmonious.
70.I am more sentimental than others.
71.I think it's weak to back down from confrontation.
72.If something doesn't go my way‚ I can find something beneficial about it.
73.I can't rest until the job is done.
74.I'm not a show off‚ in fact I have probably been too modest.
75.Most people don't know that I am actually really sensitive‚ as I tend to conceal my emotions.
76.It is important to me that I win the respect of others.
77.I'm pretty tough.
78.Others need my assistance much more than I need theirs.
79.I'm a barnstormer. For every problem‚ I can think of 10 approaches to a solution.
80.Change - whether to a new job or new school‚ makes me more anxious than it does most people.
81.I don't let it show‚ but if I'm with someone who is as unique as I am‚ I get a bit jealous.
82.I want to enjoy things‚ so I'm not very disciplined.
83.I often lose my focus as my attention tends to drift off from the main issues.
84.I have been told that I lack tact but I think the important thing is to tell the truth.
85.People see me as a warm and sympathetic person.
86.It takes me quite a lot of time and effort to make important decisions and I frequently second guess myself.
87.I generally appear calm and even tempered‚ even when I am under an enormous strain.
88.I tend not to consider asking help from others‚ even from those I love.
89.I am more dramatic than most.
90.I have a compulsion to do things the right way‚ even if it's not cost effective.
91.I'm not comfortable with self-revelation.
92.Even if I don't have it all together‚ at least I'm going to seem to have it all together.
93.People often aren't what they seem‚ so I can really be suspicious of their motives.
94.Life's about give and take‚ so giving love is the most important thing in my life.
95.I tend to escape reality into a world of idealized fantasy.
96.It's hard to stay passionate and focused.
97.My tendency to tell people what's wrong and what they should do about it has sometimes annoyed them.
98.I have more energy and strength than most people.
99.I think best on my feet‚ so I tend to move into action before I've thought it through.
100.              I have been told I am a perfectionist and I suppose it is true.
101.              Sometimes I don't know what I'm feeling until I've had a chance to think about it.
102.              The aesthetics of my surroundings has a strong influence on my mood.
103.              I tend to have mixed feelings about many people.
104.              I usually fall asleep readily and can even take a nap when I'm stressed out.
105.              I'm proud of the fact that many people depend on me.
106.              I'll do what it takes to be successful.
107.              It really bothers me when people don't say thank I can easily imagine all the things that might go wrong‚ as I have a really vivid imagination.
108.              I seldom compromise my principles.
109.              I sometimes forget to do something that another person has been pushing me to do.
110.              I have a real sensitivity to how my presentation is affecting others and I can alter it if I have to.
111.              I enjoy remembering the past even if it is a bit melancholic.
112.              While I value my close relationships‚ I often feel most myself when I am alone.
113.              I'm good at motivating people.
114.              I sometimes wish people would take care of me for a change.
115.              Sometimes I am too critical of others but I am much harder on myself than I am on others.
116.              When I really get involved in an intellectual problem that stimulates me‚ I tend to detach from my emotions.
117.              I see all points of view when there is a dispute‚ so it's hard for me to take a side.
118.              I tend to either comply completely or to rebel.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: گونه های شخصیت "انیاگرام" نظریه ای بر پایه رده بندی شحصیت انسان ها به 9 گروه است که سه دسته اصلی را تشکیل می دهند. جعفر دارابی این 9 گونه را: کمال گرا، مهرطلب، پیشرفت گرا یا موفقیت جو، رمانتیک محزون یا هنرمند، وفاخو؛ وفاجو و شکاک، خوش بین و خوش گذران، چالشگر یا قدرت طلب، صلح طلب و میانجی معرفی می کند که به سه گروه یا مثلث : "اراده (gut)"، "قلب(heart) " و "مغز(brain) " دسته بندی می شوند.
برخی دیگر سه مثلث را "جسمی و حرکتی (body)"، "احساسی(heart) " و "ذهنی(head) " تقسیم بندی کرده اند.
نسخه های گوناگونی از این ابزار در دسترس هست و هنوز نزد ارائه دهندگانن این نظریه هم نظری کامل دیده نمی شود.
منتقدان پیشنهاد می کنند که این نظریه هنوز نیازمند بررسی و مطالعه علمی بیشتر است.
در ایران " فیروزه سپهریان، 1389" ابزاری 50 گویه ای بر پایه این نظریه ساخته است و اعتبار آن را 0.82 گزارش می کند.
چگونگی دستیابی
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آذر 1402
خرداد 1396
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فروردین 1394
خرداد 1393
فروردین 1393
اسفند 1392
بهمن 1392
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اردیبهشت 1390
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اردیبهشت 1389
اردیبهشت 1389
آبان 1388
شهریور 1388
مرداد 1388
تیر 1388
خرداد 1388
سپاس بیکران به حضور دکتر علی اکبر سیف که هر دانش آموخته این حوزه از کتاب های او بی نیاز نبوده است .
کلیه حقوق به آرین آرانی متعلق است.