Carroll Rating Scale for Depression

Carroll Rating Scale for Depression (CRS)
Carroll‚ 1981‚ 1998
مقیاس رده بندی افسردگی کارول
1.    I feel just as energetic as always Yes No*
2.    I am losing weight Yes* No
3.    I have dr‎opped many of my interests and activities Yes* No
4.    Since my illness I have completely lost interest in sex Yes* No
5.    I am especially concerned about how my body is functioning Yes* No
6.    It must be obvious that I am disturbed and agitated Yes* No
7.    I am still able to carry on doing the work I am supposed to do Yes No*
8.    I can concentrate easily when reading the papers Yes No*
9.    Getting to sleep takes me more than half an hour Yes* No
10.I am restless and fidgety Yes* No
11.I wake up much earlier than I need to in the morning Yes* No
12.Dying is the best solution for me Yes* No
13.I have a lot of trouble with dizzy and faint feelings Yes* No
14.I am being punished for something bad in my past Yes* No
15.My sexual interest is the same as before I got sick Yes No*
16.I am miserable or often feel like crying Yes* No
17.I often wish I were dead Yes* No
18.I am ha‎ving trouble with indigestion Yes* No
19.I wake up often in the middle of the night Yes* No
20.I feel worthless and ashamed about myself Yes* No
21.I am so slowed down that I need help with bathing and dressing Yes* No
22.I take longer than usual to fall asleep at night Yes* No
23.Much of the time I am very afraid but don’t know the reason Yes* No
24.Things which I regret about my life are bothering me Yes* No
25.I get pleasure and satisfaction from what I do Yes No*
26.All I need is a good rest to be perfectly well again Yes* No
27.My sleep is restless and disturbed Yes* No
28.My mind is as fast and alert as always Yes No*
29.I feel that life is still worth living Yes No*
30.My voice is dull and lifeless Yes* No
31.I feel irritable or jittery Yes* No
32.I feel in good spirits Yes No*
33.My heart sometimes beats faster than usual Yes* No
34.I think my case is hopeless Yes* No
35.I wake up before my usual time in the morning Yes* No
36.I still enjoy my meals as much as usual Yes No*
37.I have to keep pacing around most of the time Yes* No
38.I am terrified and near panic Yes* No
39.My body is bad and rotten inside Yes* No
40.I got sick because of the bad weather we have been ha‎ving Yes* No
41.My hands shake so much that people can easily notice Yes* No
42.I still like to go out and meet people Yes No*
43.I think I appear calm on the outside Yes No*
44.I think I am as good a person as anybody else Yes No*
45.My trouble is the result of some serious internal disease Yes* No
46.I have been thinking about trying to kill myself Yes* No
47.I get hardly anything done lately Yes* No
48.There is only misery in the future for me Yes* No
49.I worry a lot about my bodily symptoms Yes* No
50.I have to force myself to eat even a little Yes* No
51.I am exhausted much of the time Yes* No
52.I can tell that I have lost a lot of weight Yes* No
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار نسخه خود اجرای از رده بندی هامیلتون است که برای اندازه گیری شدت افسردگی، غربالگری ، پژوهش و بالینی به کار برده می شود. بارزترین ویژگی خوداجرای هامیلتون در پوشش نشانه های جسمی و رفتاری افسردگی است. برای پرهیز از طبقه بندی نادرست بیماری های جسمانی به عنوان افسردگی، اغلب ابزارهای خود اجرای افسردگی بر افکار و احساسات تکیه دارند، کنار گذاشتن علائم فیزیکی بر عهده درمانگر گذاشته شده است. به هر رو به ضعف عمومی ممکن است بجای افسردگی نیز تعبیر شود.
نسخه 12 گویه ای با نام “BCDRS” برای غربالگری نزد مسن ها به کار می رود.
اعتبار: دو نیمه کردن 0.87، همبستگی گویه ها با کل در دامنه 0.05 تا 0.78 با میانه 0.55
نمره گذاری: * بیانگر کلید است.
1. Depression 16‚ 32‚ 34‚ 48
2. Guilt 14‚ 20‚ 24‚ 44
3. Suicide 12‚ 17‚ 29‚ 46
4. Initial insomnia 9‚ 22
5. Middle insomnia 19‚ 27
6. Delayed insomnia 11‚ 35
7. Work and interests 3‚ 7‚ 25‚ 42
8. Retardation 21‚ 28‚ 30‚ 47
9. Agitation 6‚ 10‚ 37‚ 43
10. Psychic anxiety 8‚ 23‚ 31‚ 38
11. Somatic anxiety 13‚ 18‚ 33‚ 41
12. Gastrointestinal somatic symptoms 36‚ 50
13. General somatic symptoms 1‚ 51
14. Libido 4‚ 15
15. Hypochondriasis 5‚ 39‚ 45‚ 49
16. Loss of weight 2‚ 52
17. Loss of insight 26‚ 40.
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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