Neuroticism-Extroversion-Openness-Five Factor Inventory
Costa & McCrae‚ 1992
آزمون پنج عاملی نئو
1.    I am not a worrier.
2.    I like to have a lot of people around me.
3.    I don't like to waste my time daydreaming.
4.    I try to be courteous to everyone I meet.
5.    I keep my belonging neat and clean.
6.    I often feel inferior to others.
7.    I laugh easily
8.    Once I find the right way to do something‚ I stick to it.
9.    I often get into argument with my family and co-workers.
10.I'm pretty good about pacing myself so as to get things done on time.
11.When I'm under a great deal of stress‚ sometimes I feel like I'm going to pieces.
12.I don't consider myself especially "light-hearted".
13.I am intrigued by the patterns I find in art and nature.
14.Some people think I'm selfish and egotistical.
15.I am not a very methodical person.
16.I rarely feel lonely or blue.
17.I really enjoy talking to people.
18.I believe letting students hear controversial speakers can only confuse and mislead them.
19.I would rather cooperate with others than compete with them.
20.I try to perform all the tasks assigned to me conscientiously.
21.I often feel tense and jittery.
22.I like to be where the action is.
23.Poetry has little or no effect on me.
24.I tend to be cynical of skeptical of others' intentions.
25.I have a clear set of goals and work toward them in an orderly fashion.
26.Sometimes I feel completely worthless.
27.I usually prefer to do things alone.
28.I often try new and foreign foods.
29.I believe that most people will take advantage of you if you let them.
30.I waste a lot of time before settling down to work.
31.I rarely feel fearful or anxious.
32.I often feel as if I'm bursting with energy.
33.I seldom notice the moods of feelings that different environments produce.
34.Most people I know like me.
35.I work hard to accomplish my goals.
36.I often get angry at the way people treat me.
37.I am a cheerful‚ high-spirited person.
38.I believe we should look to our religious authorities for decisions on moral issues.
39.Some people think of me as cold and calculating.
40.When I make a commitment‚ I can always be counted on to follow through.
41.Too often‚ when things go wrong‚ I get discourage and feel like giving up.
42.I am not a cheerful optimist.
43.Sometimes when I am reading poetry or looking at a work of art‚ I feel a chill or wave of excitement.
44.I'm hard-headed and tough-minded in my attitudes.
45.Sometimes I'm not as dependable or reliable as I should be.
46.I am seldom sad or depressed.
47.My life is fast-paced.
48.I have little interest in speculating on the nature of the universe of the human condition.
49.I generally try to be thoughtful and considerate.
50.I am a productive person who always gets the job done.
51.I often feel helpless and want someone else to solve my problems.
52.I am a very active person.
53.I have a lot of intellectual curiosity.
54.If I don’t like people‚ I let them know it.
55.I never seem to be able to get organized.
56.At times I have been so ashamed I just wanted to hide.
57.I would rather go my own way than be a leader of others.
58.I often enjoy playing with theories or abstract ideas.
59.If necessary‚ I am willing to manipulate people to get what I want.
60.I strive for excellence in everything I do.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: نسخه کوتاه پرسشنامه NEO است که پنج عامل: برونگرایی، سازگاری، وجدان مداری، روان رنجوری و گشودگی نسبت به تجربه را می سنجد.
این آزمون در سال 1970 پا گرفت، در سال 1985 دستورالعمل NEO PI ارائه شد. بازنگری آن در سال 1990 صورت گرفت که به نام NEO PI-R شناخته می شود. نسخه بعدی با عنوان NEO PI-3 در سال 2005 ارائه گردید.
این آزمون در ایران توسط "میرتقی گروسی فرشی، 1377"، "حسین حق شناس، 1385" به فارسی برگردان و درکتاب "آزمون های روان شناختی، علی فتجی آشتیانی ، انتشارات بعثت ارائه شده است.
Neuroticism‚ Extraversion‚ Openness‚ Agreeableness‚ Conscientiousness
خرده مقیاس ها و آلفا:
NEO PI-R‚ Cronbach’s Alpha (N=0.92‚ E=0.89‚ O=0.87‚ A=0.86‚ and C=0.90)‚ test-retest after 3 months (N=0.97‚ E=0.91‚ O=0.86) and after 6 years (N=0.83‚ E0.82‚ O= 0.83‚ A=0.63‚ and C=0.79)
NEO FFI‚ Cronbach’s Alpha (N=0.79‚ E=0.79‚ O=0.80‚ A=0.75‚ and C=0.83)
0.96)‚ Omnipresence (Cronbach’s Alpha 0.91)‚ Duality (Cronbach’s Alpha 0.81)
نمره گذاری
Five-point Likert scale‚ ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
چگونگی دستیابی
منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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