Stress-related growth Scale

Stress-related growth Scale (SRGS)
Park‚ Cohen‚ & Murch‚ 1996
مقیاس رشد ناشی از استرس
1.    I developed new relationships with helpful others
2.    I gained new knowledge about the world
3.    I learned that I was stronger than I thought I was
4.    I became more accepting of others
5.    I realized I have a lot to offer other people
6.    I learned to respect others’ feelings and beliefs
7.    I learned to be nicer to others*
8.    I rethought how I want to live my life
9.    I learned that I want to accomplish more in life
10.My life now has more meaning and satisfaction
11.I learned to look at things in a more positive way
12.I learned better ways to express my feelings
13.I learned that there is a reason for everything
14.I developed/increased my faith in God
15.I learned not to let hassles bother me the way they used to
16.I learned to take more responsibility for what I do
17.I learned to live for today‚ because you never know what will happen tomorrow
18.I don’t take most things for granted anymore
19.I developed/increased my trust in God
20.I feel freer to make my own decisions*
21.I learned that I have something of value to teach others about life *
22.I understand better how God allows things to happen
23.I learned to appreciate the strength of others who have had a difficult life
24.I learned not to “freak out” when a bad thing happens
25.I learned to think more about the consequences of my actions
26.I learned to get less angry about things
27.I learned to be a more optimistic person
28.I learned to approach life more calmly
29.I learned to be myself and not try to be what others want me to be*
30.I learned to accept myself as less than perfect
31.I learned to take life more seriously
32.I learned to work through problems and not just give up*
33.I learned to find more meaning in life*
34.I changed my life goals for the better
35.I learned how to reach out and help others*
36.I learned to be a more confident person*
37.I learned not to take my physical health for granted
38.I learned to listen more carefully when others talk to me*
39.I learned to be open to new information and ideas*
40.I now better understand why‚ years ago‚ my parents said/did certain things
41.I learned to communicate more honestly with others*
42.I learned to deal better with uncertainty
43.I learned that I want to have some impact on the world*
44.I learned that it’s okay to ask others for help*
45.I learned that most of what used to upset me were little things that aren’t worth getting upset about
46.I learned to stand up for my personal rights*
47.A prior relationship with another person became more meaningful
48.I became better able to view my parents as people‚ and not just parents
49.I learned that there are more people who care about me than I thought*
50.I developed a stronger sense of community‚ of belonging‚ that I am part of a larger group
* Stress-Related Growth Scale – Short Version (SRGS-S)
شرح سایت روان سنجی: بیشتر مقیاس هایی که درباره تنش (استرس) و مقابله ساخته شده اند، بر پیامدهای منفی تکیه داشته اند. ولی روبرو شدن با استرس پیامدهای مثبتی نیز دارد. پارک و همکاران،1996، کوشش کرده اند تا به ارزیابی تغییرات مثبت (شخصی، روابط اجتماعی، فلسفه زندگی، مهارت های مقابله ای) که فرد با یک عامل استرس زا تجربه کرده است، بپردازند.
نسخه های گوناگونی از این مقیاس وجود دارد. مقیاس 15 ماده ای توسط "کوهن، هتلر و پان، 1998" و نسخه بازنگری شده آن توسط "آرملی و کوهن، 2001" ارائه شده است.
اعتبار: هماهنگی درونی، آلفا کرونباخ از 0.91 تا 0.96، بازآزمایی پس از دوهفته 0.81
نمره گذاری:
“0” (not at all)‚ “1” (somewhat)‚ “2” (a great deal).
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
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