Test of Value Activities

Test of Value Activities
Shorr‚ 1953
آزمون فعالیت های ارزشمند
1.    Meet new people and get acquainted with them.
2.    Take a car load of children for an outing.
3.    Serve as a companion to an elderly person.
4.    Like to be with people despite their physical deformities.
5.    Work with a group to help the unemployed.
6.    Work with labor and management to help solve their conflicts.
7.    Go with friends to a movie.
8.    Help distribute food at a picnic.
9.    Play checkers with members of your family.
10.Make a phone call for movie reservations.
11.Collect specimens of small animals for a zoo or museum.
12.Do algebra problems.
13.Develop an international language.
14.Do an experiment with the muscle and nerve of a frog.
15.Study the various methods used in scientific investigations.
16.Do research on the relation of brain waves to thinking.
17.Visit a research laboratory in which small animals are being tested in a maze.
18.Plan the defense and offense you are to use before a tennis game.
19.Read the biography of Louis Pasteur.
20.See moving pictures in which scientists are heroes.
21.Judge entries in a photo contest.
22.Sketch action scenes on a drawing pad.
23.Participate in a summer theatre group.
24.Compare the treatment of a classical work as given by two fine musicians.
25.Mould a statue in clay.
26.Be a ballet dancer.
27.Be a sign painter.
28.Plant flowers and shrubbery around a home.
29.Listen to " jive " and "jazz" records.
30.Play the juke box.
31.Lead a round-table discussion.
32.Be a chairman of an organizing committee.
33.Buy a run-down business and make it grow.
34.Borrow money in order to "put over" a business deal.
35.Run for political office.
36.Own and operate a bank.
37.Be a bank teller.
38.Take a course in Business English.
39.Major in commercial subjects in school.
40.Collect luncheon money at the end of a school cafeteria line.
41.Send a letter of condolence to a neighbor.
42.Help people to be comfortable when traveling.
43.Belong to several social agencies.
44.Treat wounds to help people get well.
45.Help an agency locate living places for evicted families.
46.Be a medical missionary to a  foreign country.
47.Attend a dance.
48.Dine with classmates in the school cafeteria.
49.Play checkers.
50.Ride in a bus to San Francisco or a neighboring city.
51.Be a laboratory technician.
52.Be a scientific farmer.
53.Develop new kinds of flowers in a small greenhouse.
54.Solve knotty legal problems.
55.Develop improved procedures in a scientific experiment.
56.Develop new mathematical formulas for research.
57.Look at the displays on astronomy in an observatory exhibit.
58.Visit the fossil display at a museum.
59.Keep a chemical storeroom or physical laboratory.
60.Sell scientific books.
61.Judge window displays in a contest.
62.Collect rare and old recordings.
63.Be an interior decorator.
64.Make a comparative study of architecture.
65.Write a new arrangement for a musical theme.
66.Paint a mural.
67.Visit a flower show.
68.Make and trim household accessories like lamp shades‚ etc.
69.Dance to a fast number.
70.Paint the kitchen with colors of your choice.
71.Install improved office procedures in a big business.
72.Plan business and commercial investments.
73.Be an active member of a political group.
74.Address a political convention.
75.Operate a face track.
76.Become a U. S. Senator.
77.Purchase supplies for a picnic.
78.Live in a large city rather than a small town.
79.Work at an information desk.
80.Be a private secretary.
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این مقیاس شدت ارزش ها نزد فرد را در چهار گونه ارزش: نظری، اجتماعی، زیبایی شناسی و سیاسی اندازه گیری می کند.
اعتبار: دو نیمه کردن 0.84 برای نظری، 0.82 برای زیبایی شناختی، 0.78 برای اقتصادی- سیاسی و 0.72 برای اجتماعی
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منبع برای آگاهی بیشتر
Shorr‚ J. (1953). The development of a test to measure the intensity of values. Journal of Educational Psychology‚ 44‚ 266-274.
Robinson‚ John P.‚ Shaver‚ Phillip R. (1969). Measures of Political Attitudes. Institute for Social Research‚ University of Michigan/. Ann Arbor‚ Michigan
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