company’s brand personality

QUICK QUIZ: How well do people know your company’s “brand personality?”
Your company’s leadership probably has a good idea of the personality of your company’s brand. But do your company’s customers and employees share leadership’s perspective? Or do they see your company another way altogether?
The Brand Personality Quiz can give you an idea of how much “shared understanding” exists around the personality of your company’s brand. While it’s not intended to serve as a serious tool for building a framework for your brand‚ it can point to inconsistencies in how your brand is perceived.
Circulate copies of this worksheet to your ex‎ecutives. Have employees from different departments and divisions fill it out. Maybe even send it to a few of your most trusted customers and partners. When you collect them and tally the answers‚ you can evaluate the level of
Inconsistency that exists:
If everyone’s answers reflect your corporate brand as you want it to be perceived‚ congratulations! You’re one of very few organizations that has defined and presented your brand in a consistent way.
If some people’s answers match your company’s official brand position but others’ don’t‚ you need to work on communicating your brand throughout the organization.
If a majority of people choose brand ch‎aracteristics that disagree with your official brand position‚ it may be a sign of bigger problems. You need to consider some serious brand repair work‚ starting with making sure you’ve defined your brand in a way that reflects your company’s true nature.
The Brand Personality Quiz was developed using examples of brand ch‎aracteristics we’ve frequently encountered. If your company’s brand includes qualities not listed here‚ adapt the tool for yourself‚ adding some of the ch‎aracteristics important to your brand.
Good luck!
This worksheet asks you to identify the “brand personality” of your company. For each question‚ you are asked to choose between two ch‎aracteristics. In some cases‚ you may feel that both choices reflect your company to some degree. However‚ try to se‎lect the answer that you feel best describes the company or how it behaves most of the time.
Our company portrays itself as:
Fun                                          serious
As a company‚ we are most interested in doing things that are:
tried and true                           exciting and new
Our company’s knowledge‚ products and services are:
dynamic                                  stable
In presenting ourselves‚ we are usually:
casual                                      formal
The greatest value of our company is in its:
people                                     products
Our approach to our work is usually more:
creative                                   analytical
Within our industry‚ we’re a:
David                                       Goliath
Our company’s products and services are:
modern                                    traditional
When our advice conflicts with the customer’s desires‚ we’ll do what will make the customer:
                                                happy                                      successful
When considering something new‚ we are:
conservative                           risk takers      
Our process is concerned mostly with:
following prescribed methods             getting end results
We make decisions based on what’s best for:
the bottom line                        our company’s core values
Our communication tends to be:
bold and outspoken                 reserved and understated
Our company is focused mostly on:
future possibilities                    the here and now
Our company’s perspective is:
global                                       local
Customers most often value our work because it’s:
fast                                          thorough
Our processes are:
consistent                                flexible
The value we give customers in our products and services stems from our:
wealth of resources                elegant use of limited resources
Our company’s personality is more:
urban                                       rural
Our company is at its best when handling problems that are:
simple                                      complex
Our people are more like:
artists                                       engineers
Our ideal work is:
Strategic                                 tactical
We prefer to make decisions based on:
our gut instincts                       evaluation of the facts
Our company is aimed at:
the mass market                     a small segment
Compared to our competitors‚ we offer:
lower cost                                higher value
Our knowledge and expertise are:
broad                                       deep
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