Motivation Questionnaire EFL

Motivation Questionnaire
English as a foreign language
Student No./Name:
Years of study:
The following questions ask about your motivation in and attitude toward learning the English language. Please take a moment to respond to these questions. Remember there  are no right or wrong answers‚ just answer as accurately as possible. Use the scale below to answer the questions.
1 = Strongly agree
2 = Agree
3 = Undecided
4 = Disagree
5 = Strongly disagree
1. I like English more than other subjects.
2. I would like to have more personal practice in my English course.
3. If I saw a tourist on the street‚ I would like to speak English.
4. I would like to have more English spoken.
5. In my English study‚ I get through hard work.
6. Doing my homework‚ I carry on till I really know it.
7. I work more with my English studies than with other subjects.
8. If there is a panel discussion on the radio in English‚ I just do my best to understand it.
9. Learning English is more important to me just because I want to get a good job.
10. Other people think more highly of me if I know a foreign language.
11. Learning a foreign language makes me a more knowledgeable person.
12. I would like to learn English because I would like to teach it.
13. Learning English is important to me because I can then get in contact with English-speaking people.
14. I would like to learn English because I would like to be like a native speaker.
15. I learn English because I would like to join the English people.
16. I learn English because I would like to get familiar with English culture.
17. I would like to learn English perfectly.
18. I am curious about English.
19. I would choose to learn English even if it weren’t compulsory.
20. I feel learning a foreign language truly helps me to develop my real self.
21. I think academic learning is pleasant.
22. I think that the number of academic years should be increased.
23. If I could choose‚ I would take more courses in English.
24. I think English courses in university should be increased.
25. I love English/American music.
26. It is important to know life in the English-speaking world.
27. I found the English way of life exciting.
28. I think one should know English history and culture.
29. I love the sound of English.
30. I think English is an exciting language.
31. I think it’s useful to know the inner structure of English.
32. I would really like to understand how the English language works.
33. I love the way English is taught to us.
34. I feel I can express myself in the English lessons.
35. I find our English teaching methods useful.
36. I find our English teaching methods boring.
From: Salimi (2000‚ pp. 74–77). Reproduced with permission.
سایت روان سنجی :  پرسشنامه از مقاله اقایان رحیمی و ریاضی و خانم سیف با عنوان ابتدای متن استخراج شده است .
آذر 1402
خرداد 1396
اسفند 1395
فروردین 1394
خرداد 1393
فروردین 1393
اسفند 1392
بهمن 1392
آذر 1390
تیر 1390
خرداد 1390
اردیبهشت 1390
اردیبهشت 1390
بهمن 1389
اردیبهشت 1389
اردیبهشت 1389
آبان 1388
شهریور 1388
مرداد 1388
تیر 1388
خرداد 1388
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