Attitude Toward Conflict

Attitude Toward Conflict
Lam J‚ A 1989
نگرش نسبت به تعارض
These items measure attitudes toward the use of violence in response to disagreements or conflicts. Can be administered in a classroom setting.
This tool touches on the following keywords:
·         Conflict
·         Peer Relationships
This instrument can be found on pages 25 of Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes‚ Behaviors‚ and Influences Among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at: .
None noted.
Sixth grade students in an urban setting.
This scale can be scored by summing the point values of the responses from a participant. If one or two responses are left blank‚ the average of the point values for the remaining items should be multiplied by eight to calculate a pro-rated score. The scale should generally not be scored if more than two responses are left blank.
A maximum obtainable score of 32 indicates a strong favorable attitude toward using violence to resolve disagreements or conflicts. A minimum score of 8 indicates a strong negative attitude toward using violence.
Point values are assigned as follows:
Strongly agree = 5
Agree = 4
Neither = 3
Disagree = 2
Strongly disagree = 1
Lam‚ J.A. (1989). School mediation program evaluation kit. Amherst‚ MA: National Association for Mediation in Education.
Lam JA. School mediation program evaluation kit. Amherst‚ MA: University of Massachusetts‚ Student Affairs Research and Evaluation Office‚ 1989. (Unpublished)
Attitude Toward Conflict
1. If I’m mad at someone I just ignore them.
2. Even if other kids would think I’m weird I would try to stop a fight.
3. It’s O.K. for me to hit someone to get them to do what I want.
4. Sometimes a person doesn’t have any choice but to fight.
5. When my friends fight I try to get them to stop.
6. There are better ways to solve problems than fighting.
7. I try to talk out a problem instead of fighting.
8. If people do something to make me really mad‚ they deserve to be beaten up.
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