Fear of Crime

Fear of Crime—Chicago Youth Development Study
Gorman-Smith‚ Tolan & Henry‚ 2000
مقیاس ترس از جرم
How afraid are you of being attacked or robbed …
1. At home in your house or apartment?
2. On the streets of your neighborhood during the day?
3. Out alone at night in your neighborhood?
4. Out with other people at night in your neighborhood?
Has a fear of crime caused you to…
5. Limit the places or the times that you go shopping?
6. Limit the places or the times that you will work?
7. Limit the places that you will go by yourself?
8. Purchase a weapon for self-protection?
9. Install a home security system or install protective devices such as bars on the windows‚ buzzers on windows and/or doors‚ etc.?
10. Move to a different place to live?
11. Do you have a rifle in your home?
12. Do you have a shotgun in your home?
13. Do you have a handgun in your home?
شرح : این مقیاس ترس از مورد جرم واقع شدن، در خانه، مدرسه و محله را اندازه می گیرد.
کلید واژه
  • violent crime
  • neighborhood
چگونگی دستیابی
This instrument can be found on pages 341-342 of Measuring Violence-Related Attitudes‚ Behaviors‚ and Influences Among Youths: A Compendium of Assessment Tools‚ available online at: http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/pdf/YV_Compendium.pdf
رده سنی: گروه سنی دوره راهنمایی و بالاتر
نمره گذاری:
Point values are assigned as follows:
Items 1-4:
Not fearful=1‚ A little fearful=2‚ Somewhat fearful=3‚ Very fearful=4
Items 5-13:
No=0‚ Yes=1
Point values are summed and then divided by the number of items.
Fear of Crime: Compute the mean score of items 1‚ 2‚ 3 and 4.
Measures Taken To Cope with Fear of Crime: Compute the mean score of items 5-10. Items 11-13 are retained to assess firearm ownership..
Gorman-Smith D‚ Tolan PH‚ Henry DB. A developmental-ecological model of the relation of family functioning to patterns of delinquency. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 2000;16:169-198.
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