The Childhood Autism Spectrum Test

Childhood Austism Spectrum Test (CAST)
“Childhood Asperger’s Syndrome Test”
Scott et al‚ 2002‚ Williams et al‚ 2004
آزمون طیف اوتیسم – کودکان
1.      Does s/he join in playing games with other children easily?
2.      Does s/he come up to you spontaneously for a chat?
3.      Was s/he speaking by 2 years old?
4.      Does s/he enjoy sports?
5.      Is it important to him/her to fit in with the peer group?
6.      Does s/he appear to notice unusual details that others miss?
7.      Does s/he tend to take things literally?
8.      When s/he was 3 years old‚ did s/he spend a lot of time pretending (e.g.‚ play-acting being a superhero‚ or holding teddy's tea parties)?
9.      Does s/he like to do things over and over again‚ in the same way all the time?
10.   Does s/he find it easy to interact with other children?
11.   Can s/he keep a two-way conversation going?
12.   Can s/he read appropriately for his/her age?
13.   Does s/he mostly have the same interests as his/her peers?
14.   Does s/he have an interest which takes up so much time that s/he does little else?
15.   Does s/he have friends‚ rather than just acquaintances?
16.   Does s/he often bring you things s/he is interested in to show you?
17.   Does s/he enjoy joking around?
18.   Does s/he have difficulty understanding the rules for polite behavior?
19.   Does s/he appear to have an unusual memory for details?
20.   Is his/her voice unusual (e.g.‚ overly adult‚ flat‚ or very monotonous)?
21.   Are people important to him/her?
22.   Can s/he dress him/herself?
23.   Is s/he good at turn-taking in conversation?
24.   Does s/he play imaginatively with other children‚ and engage in role-play?
25.   Does s/he often do or say things that are tactless or socially inappropriate?
26.   Can s/he count to 50 without leaving out any numbers?
27.   Does s/he make normal eye-contact?
28.   Does s/he have any unusual and repetitive movements?
29.   Is his/her social behaviour very one-sided and always on his/her own terms?
30.   Does s/he sometimes say “you” or “s/he” when s/he means “I”?
31.   Does s/he prefer imaginative activities such as play-acting or story-telling‚ rather than numbers or lists of facts?
32.   Does s/he sometimes lose the listener because of not explaining what s/he is talking about?
33.   Can s/he ride a bicycle (even if with stabilizers)?
34.   Does s/he try to impose routines on him/herself‚ or on others‚ in such a way that it causes problems?
35.   Does s/he care how s/he is perceived by the rest of the group?
36.   Does s/he often turn conversations to his/her favorite subject rather than following what the other person wants to talk about?
37.   Does s/he have odd or unusual phrases?
38.    Have teachers/health visitors ever expressed any concerns about his/her development?
If Yes‚ please pecify........................................................................................
39. Has s/he ever been diagnosed with any of the following:
Language delay‚
Hyperactivity/Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)‚
hearing or visual difficulties‚
Autism Spectrum Condition (including Asperger’s Syndrome‚
A physical disability?               
Other (please specify)
شرح سایت روان سنجی: این ابزار که والدین آن را پاسخ می دهند، بیشتر برای شناسایی کودکان در معرض ریسک اوتیسم کاربرد دارد. مطالعه مقدماتی آن توسط "اسکات و همکاران، 2002" انجام شد و در سال 2004 با عنوان "آزمون نشانگان آسپرگر کودکان" پدید آمد.
این آزمون توسط "محسن انوری" و "مرجان صائب" به فارسی برگردان شده است.
برای یافتن شواهد روان سنجی، با نشانی زیر مراجعه کنید.
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